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Looking unto Jesus (Hebrews 12:2)

ArticlesLooking unto Jesus (Hebrews 12:2)

Jesus is our ultimate

“Looking unto Jesus”-only three words but in those words is the whole secret of life for every Christian.

Looking unto Jesus in the Scriptures to learn:

  • Who He is,
  • What He has done,
  • What He gives,
    -What he desires.

We look unto Jesus to find:
In His character our pattern,

  • In His teachings our instruction,
  • In His precepts, our law,
  • In His promises our support
  • In His work the full satisfaction for every need of our souls. Looking unto Jesus crucified to find in His shed blood our ransom, our pardon, our peace. Looking unto Jesus risen to find the righteousness which alone makes us righteous and permits us to boldly draw near in Jesus’ name to Him who is our Father and our God.

Looking unto Jesus revealed by the Holy Spirit to find Constant Communion with Him:

  • Cleansed our hearts,
  • Illumination of the darkened spirit,
  • Victory over all the attacks of the world, even temptation.

He is our strength, guide and wisdom.

Looking unto Jesus who gives repentance and forgiveness (Acts 5:31). He gives us the grace to recognize, to deplore, to confess our sins.

Looking unto Jesus to go forth from ourselves and to forget ourselves (ego).

Looking unto Jesus who went to heaven and is certainly coming back to take us (Philippians 4: 4, 5; I Thess. 5:23)

Looking unto Jesus and unto nothing else as expressed
in Greek “aphorao”, means to direct own gaze on Him and to turn it away from everything else.

Looking unto Jesus and not unto ourselves, our reasonings, our thoughts, our imaginings, our indignations, our wishes, our plans.

Looking unto Jesus stabilizes our faith in God and our spirituality.

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We have been analysing the biblical expression of “Looking unto Jesus” – He is our ultimate. Let’s continue:

Looking unto Jesus not unto the world, its customs, judgments, rules, examples, etc rules gives us the heavenly focus we need to place our minds on the things above.

Looking unto Jesus, not unto Satan and his agents reroutes our attention to the right direction.

  • Satan terrifies us by his fury,
  • He entices us by his flattering words.
    If we focus on Jesus, we would save ourselves from:
  • Many useless questions – Many disturbing scruples
  • Much loss of time,
  • Dangerous dallying with evil,
  • Waste of energy,
  • Empty dreams,
  • Bitter disappointments, – Sorrowful struggles
  • Distressful falls, etc.

Looking unto Jesus and not unto our creeds – (denominational creeds are not the same as biblical creeds), makes us balanced in our faith.

Looking unto Jesus and not unto our positions in the Church and society, our economic strength, our baptism, our educational backgrounds, our doctrine, our opinions, etc, makes us depend entirely on the LORD (Matthew 7:23).

Looking unto Jesus and not unto our rich brothers and sisters makes us glue ourselves to the love of God, and nothing will separate us from Him (Rom. 8:38).

When we Look unto Jesus, not unto our enemies, obstacles, (Matt. 14: 22-36), troubles (because when we count our troubles, when we weight them, we are pulled down), we become victors. Apart from Jesus, troubles harden and crushe us.

Looking unto anyone else rather than Jesus produces negative things in our lives:

  • It does not produce patience, rather, it produces rebellion,
  • It does not produce sympathy, but selfishness.
    -It does not produce hope, but despair (Romans 5: 3-4).
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Do you want to exhibit Christian virtues, look unto Jesus.

Exhibiting Christian virtues is made possible only when we look unto Jesus.

Looking unto Jesus, not unto earthy joys, gives us heavenly focus. We must look beyond people, beyond circumstances, to His will.

Looking unto Jesus, not unto the interests of our causes, (such as our Churches), not unto the sincerity of our intentions, not even unto the strength of our resolutions because sometimes our excellent intentions prepare the way for the most humiliating fall in one’s spiritual life.

  • Let us stand on His love not on our intentions.
  • Let us stand on His Promises not on our resolutions.
  • Looking unto Jesus, not unto our strength, glorifies God.
  • Looking unto our weaknesses belittles God’s strength.
  • Looking unto Jesus saves us from the pretense of righteousness and hypocrisy.

When we do not look unto Jesus and focus on what we are doing for Him we become pompous because the apparent success of our efforts overshadows the presence of God. Apparent success is not the measure of real success. God has not told us to succeed, but to work. He alone will pronounce success, not man. To look at our “successes” is to walk by sight. To look at Jesus and to persevere in following Him and serving Him, in spite of all discouragements, is to walk by faith.

Looking unto Jesus, not unto material blessings (this is the reason many go to Church today) is more beneficial than all material gains. Let us focus on the future not only on the now.

Looking unto Jesus, not unto our doubts. Note that the more we look at our doubts, the larger they become. They can swallow up our faith, our strength, and joy. But if we look away from our doubts to the Lord, the doubts will scatter in the light of His presence like clouds before the sun.

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Looking unto Jesus and not unto our faith is the norm. Be careful here, the last device of the enemy, when he cannot make us look elsewhere, is to turn our eyes from our Saviour to our faith, thus discouraging us if it is weak and filling us with pride if it is strong. Either way, Satan’s purpose is to weaken us because power does not come from the faith but from the Saviour by faith. It is not looking unto our faith, but unto Jesus that matters (Heb. 12:2).

Looking unto Jesus because it is from Him and in Him that we learn to know what is good for us, for the well-being of our souls. Looking unto Jesus, as long as we are on the earth is the key to spiritual freedom.

  • Look unto Jesus now, if you have never done so.
  • Look unto Jesus afresh, if you have ceased to do so.
  • Look unto Jesus alone.
  • Look unto Jesus without ceasing.
  • Look unto Jesus always, with a gaze more and more confident.

1 John 3:2 says we are the Children of God and great destiny is prepared for us. Therefore, looking unto Jesus the author (alpha) and the perfecter (omega) of our faith will solidify our stance in Him. Look unto Jesus for all your salvation needs. God bless you!

Shalom and Maranatha! Please, don’t miss heaven. It is too expensive to do so. Thanks.

By Rev. Dr. Daniel Sopuru

Hillcross Ministry (www.hillcrossministries.com)


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