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Let God Control Your Mind: Part 4

DevotionsLet God Control Your Mind: Part 4

Psalm 16:11

👁️ What is the role of human eyes to the mind?
👁️Human eye serves as window to the mind. What we see on regular basis greatly registers on our minds. The eyes are so sensitive that, sometimes, what you do not want to see is where it keeps on going.

👁️For instance, men are attracted to women because of what they see – the cleavages, the laps, the buttocks, the face, the contour, etc. Highly untrained girls dress, exposing these areas to attract the eyes and attention of men. Men’s eyes keep on going there, even when it is not their wish. And once the gaze is constantly there, the mind reacts.

🖐🏽How, then, do you control your eyes?

👁️ Keep your eyes on the Lord. Keeping your eyes on the Lord gives you direction and empowerment. Here, the Lord leads, directs and empowers you, because He does not lead you to do something without empowering you.

👁️ Your focus must be on God, to control what feeds your mind. There are no alternative methods.

👁️ Secondly, It is important to seek God’s will in all we do. We will not have time for frivolities and trivialities when we seek God’s will. The window to our mind will be opened to what God desires of us. Our thinking in the minutest thing we do is how to please God.

👁️ In order to know the will of our Father in heaven, we must spend time with Him, enjoying His presence.

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⏰ Note: Spending time in His presence is not the erroneous belief that you would sleep in the Church day and night to play holiness. No, rather, it is being completely conscious of who you are in Christ and diligent in obeying Him in your life.

👁️Being in the presence of God is not an onerous task but a delightful privilege. He promises that if we do this, “He will show us the path of life because His presence is fullness of joy; and at His right hand, there are pleasures forever and ever.”

📕The Bible advocates the presence of God, focusing on Him, and listening to the Holy Spirit as a panacea for mind-control.

👁️The word panacea is a Greek coinage meaning remedy for all ills and difficulties. Therefore, the panacea for the wondering of the mind is focusing on the Lord in all we do, think and say.

👁️ Make sure, your eyes are focused on the Lord in every step you take in life. This is the panacea that helps your spiritual growth and mind-control.

Shalom & Maranatha!

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