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Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

DevotionsKeep Your Eyes On Jesus

I Cor. 10:13; Matthew 28:19; Psalm 73:23

🩸 We are in perilous times where everything focuses its strength against Christians and their faith.

🩸In Nigeria, Christians and their Churches are being targeted for massacres and demolition just for no reason. Letters of threats are being issued by enemies of God to Christians to stop congregating and worshipping their God. Killing worshippers has already started. Some Churches have been attacked and many worshippers killed.

🩸We do not need any prophets to tell us that Christians and Christianity are in great jeopardy in this country.

🩸The world (UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS, etc) pretends not to know what is happening. It seems no hope for Christians and Christianity in these perilous times.

🩸People would always ask: Is God not there? If our government and the world keep quiet about this carnage, will God not react?

🩸Listen to what God says to us: Keep your eyes on Me, no matter the happenings. One thing we forget in times like this is that God is Sovereign and mindful of His Children. When the enemy thinks he has succeeded in his plans and strategies, God frustrates him.

🩸 Waves of adversity are washing over us, and we feel tempted to give up. As our circumstances consume more and more of our attention, we lose sight of God.

🩸Yet, He says: “I am with you always, holding you by your right hand.” These words are assuring. We can be comforted with them because God always honors His Word. Our duty is to trust and obey Him.

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🩸 He is fully aware of our situations and circumstances and He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear. He is in control.

🩸 Our greatest danger is worrying about tomorrow. It is clear that if we try to carry tomorrow’s burden today, we will stagger under the weight and eventually fall flat.

🩸 We must discipline ourselves to live within the boundaries of today focusing on the Sovereignty of God. It is in the present moment that God walks close to us, helping us to carry our burdens. Therefore, keep your focus on the Presence of God in the present.

📍 Let us not be afraid, the Almighty is with us. He is Sovereign.

Shalom & Maranatha!

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