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Just Pray

Bible passage: Acts 12:3-19

Growing up in faith, one of the things I learned is to have faith when I pray, believe my prayers are answered and it will be so. Like some other believers, I have prayed at different times in life and I strongly believed that it will be answered but the answer I got wasn’t what I was expecting.

A new dimension to praying is one that was exhibited by the church when Peter was in prison. They prayed because that was the right thing to do. I think the fact that they were scared of opening the door for Peter shows that they either didn’t believe their prayers will be answered or they weren’t expecting the answer that fast.

As believers, there will be times you will pray and not believe in such prayers. There may be times you will pray just because that is the only thing you can do. I encourage you to just pray because even with/without your faith God listens and He cares.


By Kingdom Wisdom

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