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Judgement on the Lord’s enemies

DevotionsJudgement on the Lord's enemies

Text: Psalm 97: 3. A fire goeth before him, and burneth up his enemies round about.


It might surprise you to hear that God has enemies.
Yes! God has enemies, and the enemies of God are the enemies of His church.
Witches, the occult, idolaters, spiritual principalities, demons, and all agents of darknesses are the enemies of the Lord.
It is the same God who makes alive that also kills. 1 Samuel 2:6.


Powers that have troubled you are the enemies of God and will be roasted by the fire of God.
Sickness and all sorts of demonic health afflictions are the enemies of God and will be roasted by fire.
What other promise do we need?
If God’s word will declare it, then it is final.
The Lord has promised to not only fight your battles but to also consume your accusers with His fire.
Whatever that tries to separate you from God’s love and fellowship is the Lord’s battle.
God is keen and fully committed to fighting whatsoever that is capable of destroying our faith in Him.


Where are those evil forces that have pressed and wearied you in time before?
I declare in the name of Jesus Christ the resurrected King, may fire consumer them all now!!
Arise soldier and prayerfully reclaim your spiritual territory.
No more will Satan trouble your peace.
No more will Satan trouble your health.
No more will Satan sow confusion in your marriage.
Fire! Consume them all.


Pray on!!

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