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Benefits of walking with God (5 amazing benefits)

Text: Revelation 3: 20. Behold, I stand...

God of ALL possibility

God of ALL possibility Text: Luke 1: 37....

The wonders of praise and thanksgiving

Text: Revelation 12: 11. And they overcame...

Jesus is the Lord

DevotionsJesus is the Lord

Text: Malachi 3:6. For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.


In all the earth, in Heaven, beneath the earth, Jesus is the Lord.

No other one died and resurrected for the salvation of mankind.

Be joyful, be bold and tell the world how the life of Jesus has affected and transformed your life.


Let Jesus be seen by the way you live, the way communicate, the way you dress, let this same mind that is in Jesus dwell in you.

When we carry the mind of Jesus, love, peace, compassion, humility, we’ll surely have a peaceful and God-fearing society.

In a time of sickness, call on the Jesus Christ, He is Lord over sicknesses and afflictions.

In a time of scarcity, call on to Him for He will show up to you as Jireh.

Jesus is not limited to one affair.

Speaking to Moses, in Exodus 3:10, He introduced Himself as “I AM” revealing to us that there’s no limitation to His potency and supremacy.


I have seen Jesus show up to me as Jehovah Sabaoth in times of battle.

I have seen Jesus show up to be as Abba Father when I felt lonely and needed a fatherly love.

I have seen Him as Jireh in my times of lack and scarcity.

I have seen Him as a merciful God in my lowest time of weakness and when I fall into sin.

I have seen Him show up as my Rapha when I was down a sickness.

Beloved Jesus Christ is more than enough for us, there is no limitation to His might.

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I urge you, don’t hurt Him by living carelessly in sin.

Don’t make Him look so small by denying Him.

What else can be more beautiful in this life to be compared to the love and beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Today make all your ways right with God through Jesus the son and enjoy the benefits of your salvation.




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