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In search of the lost

DevotionsIn search of the lost

Text: Luke 15: 8. Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it? 


Our Bible text tells us of a woman, having 10 pieces of silver, lost one and in search of the lost silver, she lighted a candle, swept the entire house, scattered everywhere and diligently (diligence entails patience, endurance, hard work), sought for it until she found it.
Again another Parable tells us of a shepherd having a hundred sheep, lost one and in search of the lost, He left the remaining ninety nine (99), until he found the lost One, He denied himself rest.
This 2 parable, tells us on the value of a single soul.
Men would count more value on the 99 than the 1 that was missing, but God sees value on those that are lost also.


In search of the lost, Jesus Christ came.
In Jesus’ words in Luke 19:10, after the people murmured that He was going in with a sinner Zacchaeus, thus; For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.
There is a great joy in Heaven over one sinner that repents the Bible tells us.
That lady you are isolating as a prostitute, has eternal value and means a lot to the Lord.
The soul of that fornicator and adulterer means a lot to the Lord.
Jesus Christ came for the thieves, the poor, the corrupt, the liars, the chronic sinners, the killers, the terrorists.
But until we learn to show others love, we would never save a soul.
And remember that when you’re not saving a soul, you’re killing a soul.
Revealing the importance of a soul, as Jesus Prayed for His disciples (including me and you) in John 17:11, He was grateful to God that He kept those given to Him and still prayed that they would still be preserved until eternity.

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In search of the lost, Isaiah cried for God to send him. Isaiah 6:8-9.
What measures are you taking as a born again Christian, in search of the lost around you.
We have lost in our families, among our friends, in our schools, our community and even our neighbourhood.
How often do you pray for the salvation of their soul?
How do you relate with them?
Do they see Christ in You?
Or do they despise Christianity when they see You?
Today, God wants us to risk whatever it’ll take, in search of the lost.
Reach out to people today.
No man lights a candle and hides it in a bushel the Bible tells us. Matthew 5:15.


You can witness Christ to the lost, by sharing your testimony on the love and saving Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let the world know what you used to be and what Christ has turned you into.
Tell them that Jesus saves, delivers and transforms.
We cannot hide this beautiful good news, we must show the world the solution to their struggles of life.


And I pray a harvest of soul, as you reach out to the lost, and prayerfully stand on the watch for their salvation in Jesus name.



1. Lord make me a labourer in this end time harvest of souls. Matthew 9:38.
2. Let my food be your food Lord. John 4:34
3. Consume my heart with the passion of your house. John 2:17

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