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Benefits of walking with God (5 amazing benefits)

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God of ALL possibility

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The wonders of praise and thanksgiving

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If not for God

DevotionsIf not for God

Psalm 124: 1.

If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, now may Israel say.


We get so engulf in the circumference of our challenges, difficulties, battles, and we keep a high expectation of some kind of a great miracle and victory over those situations that we fail to  recognise the place of God’s goodness, faithfulness, provisions, blessings even amidst the challenges.


We must understand as children of God that no matter the situation, our God has promised to walk it through with us. (Isaiah 43:1-2).


Let us understand in our today’s devotion that no matter the situation, the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies, deserves our praise.


Have you ever looked back to those days, months, years, when it seems like it was all over and look at your present state today? Those bills you had thought in some years back that you would not be able to pay?
That sickness you thought would take your life away?
That academic journey you once thought it was impossible for you to complete as a result of your poor financial status?
That job you once lost and thought life was over?

Child of God, “If not for the Lord who has been on your side, you would not have been able to come out of them all in one piece”.
Yes, you might still be passing through a particular challenge but if the Lord has not been on your side, you would have probably contemplated suicide or any other negative thought.

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David understood that even sleeping almost lifelessly at night and waking up strong in good health wouldn’t be possible, “If not for the Lord who had been on his side”.
Be rest assured that if God is on your side, no body, no power can be against you. No power, no situation can see your end when the Lord is on your side. (Romans 8:31).


*Now let’s take a complete look on our text in Psalm 124 and understand how life would and could possibly be if the Lord had not been for us.


1. Evil and occultic Men, would have swallowed us up quick when their wrath and jealousy was kindled against us. (Psalm 124:2-3). I have lost counts of how many times the Lord has saved me from evil plans of the enemy to take my life, ranging from car accidents, afflictions, food poisoning to spiritual attacks and battles alike. Can you imagine if the Lord had not been on my side, there would have surely been a garden growing with plants on my grave bed.
Now evaluate yourself and turn to God in thanksgiving. Stop the murmurs and complains, turn to praises and thanksgiving.


2. The situations of life the Psalmist says, would have overwhelmed us and gone over our soul. (Psalm 124:4-7). Thank God for the situations He saw you through and thank Him also in anticipation of your freedom and victory over the current situations.


In conclusion, we must develop an attitude of thanksgiving at all times.
It is God’s will that you prosper physically and spiritually on earth.

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Prayers. Lord give me a new garment of gratitude and praise.

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