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I will arise and go to my father!

ArticlesI will arise and go to my father!

Luke 15:18

I will arise and go to my father and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee.

A story was told by Jesus about a boy who decided to move away from his fathers’ house and live a life of his own. The young boy never saw the fathers’ love and care until he strayed away from his presence. Facing several difficult situations, he realized he could still return to his father, and once more enjoy the benefits of his dad.

Genesis 1:27 tells of how God created man so different from other creatures, the bible records God created man in His image and Genesis 3:8 depicts a scenario of God coming down to fellowship with man. These two verses tell us how precious man is in the sight of God. In fact God sees us all as His sons and desires intimacy with us.

Just as the story Jesus told, many of us have gone astray (Moved away from God) and need to go back to God. Going back to God only starts with a decision .“I will arise and go back to my Father!”. Going back to the father starts by recognizing him in your life. I tell you, even though you went away by putting God away from your life, God never left you, He has been always with you! Why not take this moment to talk with Him.

Talking with God: There are so many things to say about talking with God, but for the sake of the scope of this article, i will keep it as simple as it really is. Talking with God is like every other communication, only that God might not reply the same way your human friend would. God replies through His word, His Spirit, occurrences around you (nature) or even men you might had never met. So when we talk with God, you speak to him exactly what you feel inside you and trust he has heard you and would answer in whatever way He chooses to.

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One advise i give to people when they ask how i hear from God is, speak to God as you would speak to your father and anticipate His reply in all you do. Now its time to arise and Go back to your father as he has been waiting for you. To do this, simply say this prayer aloud.

Prayer: Heavenly father, i acknowledge the fact that i had neglected you for so long. Thank you for being a loving father to me despite my straying away, you never left me. Father, I come to you now, I will no more be careless in the way i live my life; I will be mindful to live as your son. Father, thank you for pulling me back to yourself, help me never to stray again. Amen.

As you have made this prayer, be rest assured, God has heard and welcomed you back. Luke 15:20. Now ask your father for something deeper to recognize His presence. Say this prayer aloud. “Father, show me your glory, help me to know you more!” If you made this prayer with a sincere heart, i believe God will reveal more of himself to you, even as you seek to know him more.

Seeking God: Jeremiah 29:13. “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” The meaning of seeking as used in this context is different from mere searching. In seeking you hunt for something. There is so much about your father and His kingdom you need to know, and you can only know this by seeking Him (God). I asked God one night to teach me how to seek Him, and this was what I saw in my dream:


In my dream I saw a spotless white screen, suddenly words from the bible appeared randomly on the screen and disappeared after some seconds. This went on several times with increasing frequency in the appearance and disappearance of words on the screen. I looked intently on the screen trying to make sense of the words and to understand the patterns the words take in appearing and disappearing. Immediately I arose from my sleep, I understood God revealed to me one way of seeking Him.

You seek God in His word. Take time to study deeply the word of God, for in His word you find Him. The word of God revealed in the bible is not just a book… It is the life and person of Jesus Christ. To know about your father, you must seek to know more about Jesus in the bible.

Let us wrap this up. Dear friend, God is your father. Learn more about your father and His kingdom by studying His word.

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