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I was in a wrong marriage

TestimoniesI was in a wrong marriage

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus’s beloveds.
It is such a privilege to be able to testify of God’s goodness and mercy.
I trust that someone will be uplifted in Jesus’ name.
So growing up in a Christian family, having to eat, sleep, and drink the Bible, as a teenager I soon got “fed up” with the church. The events that followed as a result of my rebellion were heartache, pain, and sorrows.
It took years for me to realize my mistakes and finally repent. After a failed marriage, countless extramarital affairs, multiple partners, and two beautiful children later, I realized that God was speaking to me.
For a while, it went great for me. Had a successful music career as a secular artist, lived a high life. But one thing was missing. GOD.
I soon felt that I was lonely and needed a man in my life. Without consulting God, I entered into a Muslim marriage, denying the only one who has brought me through so much, God.
For almost two years I lived as a Muslim wife, learning about the religion, and in the meantime, suffering abuse of all sorts. Coming from an already abusive marriage, I stuck it out for I believed that was my fate…Seeing how my kids suffered emotionally I had to get out.
For the first time, my heart longed to pray. To cry out to God. To be delivered from this life. To serve God.
Suddenly the Lord started speaking to me in my dreams. Wow-what an awesome moment that was for me. I now realize more than ever my Redeemer lives!!!

I saw a lady who always told me that God loves me and that I don’t belong there. She prayed with me and I could feel the burden lift from my shoulders. Thank you, Lord, for Your faithfulness. I prayed to God for a way to release me from that man, as he was very abusive and anything would tick him off into hitting both me and my kids.
But the Lord is so faithful. He created ways for me to leave without any violent behavior and within a week I was gone.


To someone out there finding yourself in a similar situation, know that God loves you unconditionally. He states in His word that He will never leave nor forsake His children. Have faith and believe in Jesus’ name.
God bless

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