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How to say goodbye to a son going on missions

ArticlesHow to say goodbye to a son going on missions

Bekah Dayley had the experience of sending her son on a mission. She shared her experience on Facebook, and it is worth sharing here.

 In her own words, Bekah shared what happened on that fantastic day.

 “When I left the airport today, there was an empty seat in the back row.

 I drove in silence for a while but laughed when I heard my husband and children behind. Chatting with grandmother makes an empty place feel good.

 When I was driving down the highway, my mind suddenly started a journey. I started taking my son through the airport.

 In my mind, I can see him looking for his door and finding his seat on the plane. I saw the carpet, the kiosk; even if I wasn’t with him, I could almost see it through his eyes.

 I was hoping he and I were nervous about what would happen next. I imagine him lost or forgotten something.

 I began to doubt. I started to worry that he was afraid he would need me. I started crying silently.

 Suddenly my thoughts were distracted, and my eyes focused on the two seagulls flying in our car. A giant seagull flies a little higher than a small seagull, and the small seagull flies in the seagull’s draft.

 I watched and thought, and then silently thought: “Oh! Remarkably, God sent these two seagulls to represent Carson and me. I want to know when they will break up, and it will be fine now. That will be one Good sign; God let me know that I can let go. “

 Wait…” Anytime… “Still together. “Um…no help! The smallest seagull still needs the largest seagull… I feel worse!”

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 A feast of pity…until the quietest and most serene whisper came: “The most enormous seagull is not you, Baker. This is me. I already have it. “

 Bekah received the most excellent assurance that a mother could ask for: knowing that her heavenly father cares about her son and supports him.

 One of the great promises of the Lord is contained in President Thomas Monzon’s favourite verse: “I will go in front of you. I will be on your right and your left…My spirit will be in you [in my heart], and my angel will take you by your side.

 The same is true for Baijia’s son Carson. The Lord and his angels surround him and take him.

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