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How does the Devil Fight to Discourage God’s Children?

DevotionsHow does the Devil Fight to Discourage God's Children?

Hebrews 2:14-15

✍️We can imagine what happened a day after Jesus’ crucifixion. Life must have looked hopeless to His disciples. They had watched their beloved leader die, and the enemy seemed to have won.

✍️Considering the prevalence of evil today, we could make the same assumption. The evil that exists in Nigeria, in particular, and the world in general, makes many think that God had abandoned humanity. Many are discouraged.

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✍️The bloodshed, insensitivity, inhumanity, corruption, deliberate subjection of citizens to suffering, the decimation of the youth, kidnapping, banditry, unknown gunmen, killer herdsmen, bad governance, total insecurity, and criminality in this country have pushed people into saying the devil has prevailed over our LORD and that God does not even exist. Many are frustrated.

✍️But people are wrong to presume that God has abandoned us. When Jesus died on the cross, Satan was defeated. What he does now is the struggle of a defeated person fighting for survival, but his defeat is final. The complete manifestation of his defeat would be at God’s appointed time in the future when he would be hurled into the bottomless pit with his loyalists. Even what is happening now is for a time. The end is near.

✍️In Genesis 3:15, the devil, who spoke through the serpent, was cursed for his part in Adam and Eve’s sin.

✍️Referring to the conflict between the realms of light and darkness, God told Satan, ´He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.´ This was the Lord´s way of foretelling, ´Christ will be victorious over you.´

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✍️This explains why the devil went to such great lengths to derail God”s program of redemption, even attempting genocide to prevent Jesus´ arrival or otherwise disrupt the divine agenda (Matt. 2:16). Even here, the devil is fighting hard to make sure communities and tribes are wiped out in genocidal attempts.

✍️Since the devil knows all the prophecies, he was well aware that Jesus Christ, the virgin-born, sinless, incarnate Son of God, came to give His life a ransom for many (Matt. 20:28).

✍️This meant that if the Lamb of God died on the cross at Passover, His shed blood would pay mankind´s sin debt in full (Rom. 4:7-8).

✍️Satan wanted Jesus to die, but at any other time and in any other way. (See Luke 4:29-30.) Yet all his efforts amounted to uselessness compared to the death blow Christ would deliver from the cross.

👉May I ask all, especially the children of God, not to be dejected? No matter what, God knows and sees our predicaments. He has not and will not abandon us. Hold fast to the faith.

👉For those who have not known Jesus Christ, your best bet now is to make a decision to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Time is running out.

Shalom and Maranatha!

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