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Host the Holy Spirit

DevotionsHost the Holy Spirit

Acts 11:15
As I began to speak, the Holy Spirit fell on them, just as He had come upon us at the beginning.


A story was told of a wealthy man who invited his best friend who was poor to live with him in his new apartment. The poor man packed all He had and was really excited moving into his friends house. Believing they were friends and shared everything,  the poor man felt at home taking every room and property in the house as his.


His rich friend was however not very comfortable as he had some secrets in some rooms he wouldn’t want the man go to. On discovering this, the poor man felt so sad and decided to maintain his little room. He no longer moved freely in the house, he became reluctant contributing to discussions as he felt he was a burden to his beloved friend.


Gradually as time went on, the rich man became so busy with other things and totally neglected his friend. The poor man was so emotional and restricted himself to his room wishing his beloved friend would one day call for him.


He who lives in you is He who rose Christ from the dead. Most times we do not understand the implication of this. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit will teach us all things! With the authority of the Holy Spirit everything was made. This same Holy Spirit does not just want to visit you, He wants to stay in you, He wants to be Hosted as your best friend and life partner. unfortunately, because of double mindedness, because of sin we restrict the Holy Spirit to a particular room in our life (Just as the rich man).

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Is the Holy Spirit free to live in you? Is He in control of all your rooms or He is restricted to some certain areas? Is how you live your life comfortable for the Holy Spirit to dwell in or just to visit?


Salvation invites the Holy Spirit to live in you, total surrender makes Him Lord over you

When we Host the Holy Spirit as King over our lives we experience the power that rose Christ from the dead.


Do you have secrets (sins) in your life you are struggling with? Expose them to the Holy Spirit, never hide your sins from Him. Most times we see God as judgmental, seeking to punish us from our sins. No, God is rather seeking for true worshipers. People who will worship Him in Truth (Sincerity) and in Spirit (determination).


As a bridegroom grooms his bride… The Holy Spirit will groom you, just be truthful to Him 

You make God a lair when you say you have no sin. How Holy can a man be to satisfy the requirements of a Holy God?- Only Jesus’ righteousness in us can satisfy Gods requirements of Holiness. So two things are important in today’s devotion:

  1. Truth: you must be truthful to the Holy Spirit (expose and confess your sins to Him)
  2. Determination: Kill double mindedness, determine totally to follow Jesus, submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit – Strive to be better relying on the Help of the Holy Spirit.


Overcome double mindedness and choose to totally submit to the Holy Spirit. 


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Luke 9:61-62

Still another said, “I will follow You, Lord; but first let me bid farewell to my family.” 62 Then Jesus declared, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and then looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.




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