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He Knows You By Name

DevotionsHe Knows You By Name

‘Upon the palms of my hand, I have written your name.’ (Isaiah 49:16)

Dearly beloved, do you know that God loves you so much He’s carved your name upon His palms?

So He can look fondly upon it, think of you, and continually bless you.

Our names can sometimes be easily overlooked or forgotten in a culture that is set on rushing about and mostly preoccupied with their own concerns.

Often we feel like nameless machines valued for what we produce in our workplaces or what we can give to others, rather than who we are on the inside.

Hurried and harried people find limited space and time to settle down, look us in the eye, learn our names and discover the divinely-designed person beneath the name.

Yet, Isaiah 43:1 says, ‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.’

Jesus, the good shepherd, calls each of His own by name and leads us.

No matter how insignificant we may think we are, Jesus still treats us as the most precious treasure of His heart.

What a delight that He knows our name, that we are more than a statistic, a number, or a nameless identity.

In Christ, we are understood and honored for who we are, not what we have to offer.

women wearing brown dress close up photography
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com He knows my name

There is blessed rest and security in this.

When you are fearful, the One who knows your name will be your comfort.

When you are lonely, the One who knows your name will be your solace.

When you are weary, the One who knows your name will give you strength.

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And when you feel weak, the One who knows your name will fill you with courage and power.

When you fall, He picks you up. When we race ahead, He cheers you on.

Because He knows your name, you can fearlessly face whatever today and all of your tomorrow bring.

If God brings out the starry hosts one by one, night after night, and calls them each by their name so that no one is missing (Isaiah 40:26), how much more will He tenderly care for His people whom He knows intimately? There is no one hidden or forgotten by God. And for those who call upon His name, there is the blessed assurance that our chosen name is written in His Book of Life.

Thank God that He knows our names.

Be Greatly Blessed!


Father, I am so grateful that you know my name and everything about me.

Even though you run the entire vast universe, you care so much about me that you carved my name upon the palm of your hand.

Help me to hear your voice as you call me by name.

Knowing that you’re always there for me gives me the strength to live a glorious and victorious life through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, which flows in and through me.

Thank you that I can come to you to receive all that I need this day.

I love you, for you are great and worthy of all my praise.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


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