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Hardening Our Hearts: Detrimental to Our Relationship with God

DevotionsHardening Our Hearts: Detrimental to Our Relationship with God

Hebrews 3:7-11

➡️Following Jesus demands our all.
➡️Following Jesus does not ask for our personal opinions.
➡️Following Jesus asks for total obedience because partial obedience is disobedience.

🕎The Israelites of the Exodus had concrete proof of God´s existence and commitment to them. But, when it was time for them to claim their Promised Land, they hardened their hearts against the Lord and refused to believe He would give them victory to possess the land.

🕎 The Lord hates people doubting Him and His abilities. He sees it as total unbelief on the part of the people.

🕎 Thus, the Israelites rebelled. They resisted Joshua’s and Caleb´s pleas. They rather came up with justifications for their disbelief. Man likes to bring in his own personal opinions and terms in following God. God hates self-justification.

🕎 God responded with a harsh discipline: forty years of wandering in the desert until those adults who resisted Him died (Numbers 14:33-36).

🕎The warning about resistance and discipline is so important that the Lord repeated it in the New Testament (Hebrews 3:7-11). Resisting God is like fighting your Creator.

🕎 He does not want us to repeat the mistakes of heart-hardening against Him.

🔸Remember, hardening of heart does not come abruptly; it is a gradual process. It begins with unbelief. Unbelief here involves disbelieving or partially believing God’s Word as true.

🔸It also involves a person rebelling against God and choosing to run one’s own life and affairs without God.

🔸It is ignoring the conscience or justifying unscriptural behaviours that results into rebellion against God. One’s conscience is made unfunctional by repeated sinful acts. A person with an unfunctional conscience becomes dangerous to himself and to others, and more dangerous, he rejects God.

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🔸Eventually, the heart becomes so hardened that the individual is no longer affected by the whisper of God´s Spirit.

🔸 It is dangerous for us to choose our own way by ignoring God’s directions.

🔸The Lord disciplines those who rebel against Him and He withholds opportunities and blessings from them.

🔸 To take seriously God’s warning not to harden our hearts against Him, is to choose to be obedient to Him. When we do so, our hearts become tender and receptive, and the Holy Spirit guides us against making wrong moves. When, we eventually make any mistakes, the Holy Spirit convicts us.

👉🏽Do not be recalcitrant. Allow your heart to be tender and receptive, so that you would be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Remember, the Lord’s Second Advent is sooner that it used to be.
Shalom and Maranatha!

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