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God of ALL possibility

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God’s time

DevotionsGod's time

Ecclesiastes 3: 11.


He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.



Most times we don’t want to wait for the Lord, we want it our own way.
We have forgotten the place of waiting.
God makes all things beautiful, “IN HIS TIME”, not your time.
Timing is critical in business, science, and sports. It’s also essential in a believer’s life.


In order to keep in step with the Lord, we need to carry out His instructions in accordance with His timetable.
When we wait, it means seeking further direction from Him while remaining in our present circumstances. It encompasses both an attitude of expectancy; ‘God, what would You like me to do?’ While we wait, we must understand the mind of God for the situation and what He wants us to do.
And again, “The willingness to do what He wants us to do”. It is our wisest course of action because we will certainly receive direction as regards the waiting.


But most times, we are worn out, we become impatient and we even make decisions based on the influence of our friends or culture.


We must know that God is the only source of true wisdom. He knows all things and answers us on the basis of His complete understanding. He is willing to give us clear direction for any decisions we are trying to make, large or small. He wants the very best for us in our personal life, whether the issue is marriage, school, business, or friendships (Psalm 32:8). Get onto His timetable today.

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As we wait, God wants to also bring us in line with His perfect timing. To others, it may appear as if we are delaying unnecessarily. However, knowing we are walking in concert with God will bring His divine peace to our hearts.


God may also use a season of waiting to help us recognize ungodly motives and sin, and to strengthen our faith.
So as we patiently wait for the promises of the Lord, I encourage us today, to draw closer to the Lord in Truth and in Spirit and see His mind over the situation.
“Wait for the Lord child of God, cast your whole being in His word, you will see His Glory and salvation”. (Psalms 130:5).


God bless.

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