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God’s Time Part 2

DevotionsGod's Time Part 2

Psalm 27: 14.


Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.


In our world today, patience is just a normal word to many.
Many believers are in danger of so many miserable situation on issues that would have been easily avoided if only they had applied the fruit of “Patience”.


It’s always best to follow God’s timing. But if we run ahead of God or lag behind Him, that decision will often be costly.
“A patient dog they say, eats the fattest bone”.
In your decision on marriage, carrier, business, academics, be patient and wait on the Lord for His plan.


Self-sufficiency moves us outside of the Lord’s will. The right thing done at the wrong time may leave us vulnerable to Satan’s schemes and can delay or even derail blessings God has planned for us. Acting on our own timetable can also bring confusion to us and others, as situations are likely to turn out differently from how we envisioned them.


By refusing to wait on God, we often cause ourselves unnecessary grief.
For example,
Quitting a job before the Lord has released us from it can short-circuit what He planned to teach us through it. We might subsequently discover that, had we held on a while longer, God might have changed either our circumstances or our attitude about the situation.


We are to develop a lifestyle of waiting on the Lord. We need patience to endure our present situation, steadfastness to carry out current responsibilities, and courage to trust the Lord as we await His solution in the midst of our discomfort.
May God bless you reader and give you the Grace as you wait for His redemption.

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