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God’s Directions: The Secret of joyful and victorious Living

DevotionsGod's Directions: The Secret of joyful and victorious Living

Colossians 3:23; John 15:5; Psalm 105:4

😁Many would want to live joyfully, successfully and victoriously in life, but they would not want to pay any price for it.

😁 But, listening to God for directions is a great secret for spiritual living. Many Christians miss their ways today for not listening to the Holy Spirit for divine directions.

😁In everything you do as God’s child, and you feel that He has not given you specific guidance, stop, stay where you are and ask for divine directions.

👉🏽 The major problem human beings have is impatience. We want everything to work according to our own time; so we rush into doing things without asking God for guidance. If we say, Jesus is our Lord and Master, we must do everything according to His guidance. He is the Lord of our life.

😁Concentrate on doing your daily tasks in awareness of the Lord’s presence in you in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

😁 The joy of His Presence will shine on you, as you do everything asking for His directions in life. This means inviting Jesus Christ into every aspect of your life. There will be no reservations, no secrets in your life. Throw yourself open to Him and ask Him for guidance.

😁Through collaborating with Him in all things, you allow His life to merge with yours. This is the secret of joyful and victorious living of God’s children. God designs us to depend on Him moment by moment, there is no room for being independent of Him. We must recognise that apart from Him, we can do nothing.

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😁Seek God’s face in your quiet moments. Although this is invisible, it speaks volumes in spiritual realms. Moreover, you are richly blessed when you walk trustingly with God through the routines of your day.

👉🏽Do not forget that in this world where the noise of Satan’s allurements deafens people, your duty is to ignore the noise and seek the Face of God for step by step directions. Doing so will make you live joyfully, successfully and victoriously in your spiritual and physical lives.

👉🏽Do not forget, the secret of joyful and victorious living is allowing our lives to merge with the life of Christ and by asking Him for moment by moment guidance in life.

Shalom & Maranatha!

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