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God permits us to Hate Only One Thing as His Children

DevotionsGod permits us to Hate Only One Thing as His Children

Psalm 37:23

The steps of a man are established by the Lord when he delights in his way;

📝The words hate, and hatred are very strong words. A Christian in all his senses is not supposed to use it on any human being. God actually commanded that we hate nobody. In fact, we should not have hatred for anyone, including those we tag our enemies. Our Lord asks us to hate only ONE THING: EVIL.

📍 Let us, for a moment, look inwardly to analyze ourselves.

📝This is self-examination; after all Paul says we should examine ourselves. When we are going through an intense time of adversity, what do we focus on? I think we usually focus majorly on two things: the problem and the person who cause it. We tend to hate the cause of the problem.

📝For instance, in Nigeria today, people hate the leaders of the ruling party. The only ones who do not hate them are those who benefit from all the evils going on in the country. No doubt, the majority of Nigerians hate the architects of the troubles in the country.

📝 But, wait a minute. Do you not think that God allows certain situations for a purpose? We frequently fail to see any value whatsoever in our suffering. But God is not a purposeless God, He has specific purposes for bringing us through times of hardship. This might be hard to understand but it is real.

📝One reason He may allow adversity in our lives is to teach us TO HATE EVIL. Evil is the only thing God permits us to hate. Psalm 97:10 proclaims, ´Hate evil, you who love the Lord.´ Christians are to hate anything evil.

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📝 This is real and highly practicable. But sometimes we do not act as if we hate evil? In many instances, in fact, our tendency is to play around with it, keeping it close by for our own amusement, and making excuses for its presence in our lives. We sometimes say, ´Well, I cannot escape the evil in this world. It is all around me! A fish cannot swim without water touching it, or a coal miner not being soiled with coal, I guess the best I can do is to try and manage it appropriately.´ What a deception!

📝 God did not call us to manage or manipulate evil; instead, we are instructed to hate its very presence. Psalm 37 says, ´Depart from evil and do good, so you will abide forever (v. 27). Hatred is the word for evil. We must hate evil pungently.

📝When we see evil, we are to turn around and run in the opposite direction! In fact, Paul uses the word flee which means running without looking back. As children of God, we must flee Anything Evil.

📝Obviously, we live in a world that is saturated with evil, and we cannot avoid it at all times. But we can remove ourselves from particularly tempting situations. The LORD can help us recognize the evil one´s pitfalls in our lives.

📝Do not hate anybody, but haet the evil they do and flee from any situation that can make you participate in their evil ways. Hate evil is the Lord’s instruction; obey Him and enjoy His numerous blessings. Pray and ask God today for the wisdom and strength to avoid such evil traps. Our society will be a better place if we all eschew evil.

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