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God i wish that were me (2 reasons to stop worrying)

ArticlesGod i wish that were me (2 reasons to stop worrying)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Matthew 11:28)

Reading through this passage, many will exclaim

“God i wish that were me”

. Anyway, it is time to leave the wishful position to actually being you.

It’s time to leave anxiety behind.

God’s Word tells us that instead of being anxious, we should bring our requests to Him by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving.

Pass your burdens, worries, and anxieties to Him.

Whatever you’re worried about, God already has a solution.

In fact, He already knows what we’re worried about, without us even having to tell Him.

But if that’s the case, why does He still ask us to present our requests to Him?

Well the truth is, this instruction is there for our benefit. For when we tell Him our requests, it’s like taking a load off our chest. We don’t actually need to verbally say our requests in order for God to answer our prayers, but it definitely helps in reliving our anxieties.

And once we’ve presented our requests to God, it’s time to give thanks! For if you prayed in line with God’s Word and promises, He has already given you His answer. A resounding “YES!”

So instead of worrying and being anxious, pray and give thanks. And God will turn your problems into testimonies.

Be Greatly Blessed!

Action Steps:

Whenever you start feeling anxious, pray and tell God what you’re worried about.

Lay your requests before God and know that He’s already taking care of them.


Look through God’s Word for promises that correspond to whatever you’re worried about.

If God promised something in His Word. You can be sure He’ll fulfill it.

Give thanks for the answer. Rejoice and praise the Lord for His goodness.

Let’s pray…

There is always a situation in our lives when we would wish that problem should have never happened to me. Testimonies about your friends may get you thinking “God i wish that were me”

God i wish that were me
God i wish that were me

There is good news for us all. You can find peace even in your troubling times just by knowing God gat your back. It’s time to pray away those worries and fears.


Father, I come before you today with all my anxieties and worries.

I lay all my problems before you for I know that you’ll take care of them.

You are my ever-present help. My strength and source of hope.

I’ll trust in you today. Your Word says that if I pray according to your will, you’ll answer me.

So what is there for me to worry about?

You’ll already said “YES” and “AMEN” to all your promises.

So I receive them today.

Thank you for always being there for me Lord.

Grant me the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The peace that surpasses understanding.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


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How Worrying Affects the Body

Feeling anxious or worrying too much over a particular issue or circumstance. If you are constantly worried your body and mind are in overdrive because you are constantly focused on “what might happen.”

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In the midst of a lot of worries, you could be suffering from extreme anxiety or even panic in the course of your day. Many chronic worry sufferers report being stricken by a sense of imminent death or apprehensions that just increase their anxiety. Extremely sensitive to their surroundings and the opinions of others, those who are constantly worried may perceive anything and everyone — as a possible threat.

Stressful worry can impact your life in such a way that it can affect your eating habits, lifestyle as well as relationships, sleep, and work performance. People who worry too much suffer from anxiety to the point that they seek relief through unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking cigarettes, overeating, or drinking alcohol and substances.

Read up on the effects of worry here. Please contact us if you need us to support you in prayer. Next time instead of saying “God i wish that were me”, you would give God glory for who you are today!

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