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God exalts a humble servant

DevotionsGod exalts a humble servant

Text: Matthew 5:5. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.


Life is governed by principles.
Applying the wrong principle for the desired project will profit nothing.
Operating successfully in both physical and spiritual realm demands the right principle.
In as much as the world most times contradict the spiritual principle of operation, yet we must be mindful of where we belong.
A perfect spiritual walk with the Lord will deliver all your expectations in your hands.


Talking about an increase and growth in wealth, the world gives us a principle of saving alone.
But God’s word tells us further, to also give the poor and needy and by so doing, we would store up great wealth.
As the world principle of attaining a great position in life is hard work, God’s principle tells us in addition to hard work, to be humble and take up the life of a little child.
In Jesus’ word, He said, “the greatest amongst You, is the least amongst you”. Mark 9:35.


A heart of simplicity, service, and humility attracts God’s attention to change your life.
God expects us, to take up the position of servanthood, irrespective of our achievement and qualifications.
Until we take the similitude of a servant and learn to be at other people’s service, we cannot attract the fullness of God’s will.
A man that sits at the right hand of Jesus, is that man who has taken up the similitude of a child and a servant.


God wants us to diligently serve men and the church.
You can serve at your capacity.
Contributing monetarily to God’s work is a service unto God.
It’s a service that says, Lord, I trust you to give back to your work that you have blessed me with.
Partaking in your local church activities and the workforce is a service unto God.
You can clean the church, no service rendered to God is too big or small.
Submit yourself under the mighty hands of God and render quality services to the Glory of His Holy name.

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Prayer: Lord give me a humble spirit and help me to be committed in my service to you and to men.



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