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Fulfilling Our God-given Purpose on Earth

DevotionsFulfilling Our God-given Purpose on Earth

John 17:18

1As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.

📝Man is too busy on earth, pursuing his own agenda other than his God-given agenda. Man falls into a wrong belief that he has no real purpose in life. This is a seriously wrong idea.

Man is a routine being.

🪄He gets up in the morning,
🪄He goes to work,
🪄He comes home, and 🪄He zones out in front of the TV.
🪄Then, it is time to go to sleep and
🪄He starts all over.
🪄He does so throughout his lifetime.

📝 *Where in this routine is he making time to fulfill his true purpose of existence?

📝The pursuit of material things, especially money, has taken over the real purpose of man’s existence on earth. The theology of some modern Churches, led by self-called, self-ordained pastors, leads people deeper and deeper into these worldly-minded pursuits.

📝 This is not the model Jesus set for us. When we look at the life of Christ, we can clearly see that His coming was no accident nor a coincidence and His time was not wasted. He lived His life on target.

man in black suit achieved an accomplishment
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📝The Bible shows without a doubt that Jesus came to accomplish a goal.

📝Many times in the Gospels, Jesus refers to having been sent by the Father. That express implies focus and intent. It implies purpose.

📝Jesus did not stumble upon the earthly scene. His coming was not an accident or a coincidence.

📝The idea is not that Jesus just appeared; He was sent into the world for a clear purpose.

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👉 What was that purpose?

📝Matthew 20:28 reveals that Jesus came not to conquer, not to be served, but to serve. His life reveals a clear mission, and everything He does in the Gospels points back to the purpose of His coming. For clarity, He came:

📌To reveal the Father, 📌To die for sin,
📌 To save the lost, and 📌To provide abundant life for all who believe.

📝No matter where He was, who He was with, or what He was doing, the Lord was always mindful of the reason for His coming.

📝The question that arises and yearns for an answer is What is your purpose in life as a person or as a believer in Christ?

📝Listen, just as Jesus was sent by the Father, so we are sent by Christ to carry His message of hope throughout the world.

📝 Wait a minute. Did you underscore that? The sole purpose of believers in Christ is to carry God’s message of hope to the whole world.

📝God saved us and left us here for a while to be bearers of the message of hope Jesus brought to the world.

📝The question is Is this purpose evident in your daily routine? The answer to this question is important to make you understand the purpose for which your are alive today.

📝 Do not waste your time in purposeless routines They have no eternal value. But fulfilling God-given Purpose has great eternal value. Resolve now to embark on this purpose.

👉 Pray for clarity and focus as you serve the Lord today. The day of the Lord is rapidly approaching. A stitch in time saves nine the Englishman says.

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Shalom and Maranatha!

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