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From Disciples to Apostles

DevotionsFrom Disciples to Apostles

Text: Mark 3: 14. And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach, 


Walking in the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ should be our earnest desire as Christians.
When Jesus called His disciples, He revealed His plan for calling them, which was to make them fishers of men. Matthew 4:19. But it was built in a process before it was fulfilled.
First, there was a Call, Jesus called out to many, the Bible witnessed that many followed the Lord before He prayerfully separated the 12.
To be called is not the same as to be chosen and sent.
Countless numbers of Christ’s disciples walked with Him no more as they heard His teaching, but the 12 continued their walk with Him John 6:60-69.
The call of God is the saving Grace of God being revealed to man through His son Jesus Christ. It is for as many that will say yes to the Lord.
The call of God is the first stage to knowing and building a relationship with the Lord.
God can call a thousand, choose and send only 200 that are ready.
The call of God has nothing to do with running a ministry, only the chosen are sent to do the ministry work. Ephesians 4:11-12.
Don’t quote me wrong, every believer is called by God to show forth God’s glory in the area of their life career but not every believer is called in the 5 fold ministry.


After God had called Gideon, we clearly see how God chose and sent 300 soldiers out of 23,000. It doesn’t mean God hated the 29,700 others that went back, but because the work was not for them.
Our Bible text tells us He ordained 12 that they SHOULD first, be with Him and be built.
A disciple is a dedicated follower of Christ.
Jesus’ intention after our salvation, tells us compulsively that we must first be with Him to be trained.
After the disciples had been with Him, He MIGHT send them forth to preach.
It’s of importance that we are trained, but being sent is God’s decision.
God sends those He trust, He imparts them with every spiritual blessing and sends them forth.



Today no man wants to be trained, but we want to disciple others.
Our young preachers today are eager to start up their own ministry without a strong foundational background of discipleship, services, and spiritual mentorship.

The reason why God puts men ahead of us is for discipleship and spiritual building.
We can bear witness that after Jesus had sent His disciples in the Apostolic work of the ministry, they did exactly what they had seen and learned from Jesus and much more as the Holy Spirit gave them utterances.
We must understand that it is God’s business and not ours, therefore our concern and desire should always be, Lord what do you want me to do? and not Lord I want to do this.


He calls, He disciples, He imparts with Spirit and power and He sends us to witness Him.
Your discipleship time depends on how broken you are and willing to be discipled.
Do not rush into what you’re yet to understand, even the disciples at some point couldn’t cast out some demons until they stayed much longer with the Lord and got more clarity.
Be patient and at God’s time, He will send you forth in the power of the Holy Spirit. God bless you. Acts 10:38




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