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Evangelizing Through Our Life and Actions

DevotionsEvangelizing Through Our Life and Actions

Evangelizing Through Our Life and Actions (1 Peter 1:6-11)

📖 We have many pseudo-faiths in the century, but true faith is based upon Scripture and embraces its eternal principles. Real faith trusts that God is God and that He keeps His promises.

📖 Genuine faith is worth sharing with others. How do we do it?

📎We can verbally explain our beliefs.
📎We can also model a godly lifestyle, which is a more effective method of influencing people for Christ.

📖 People around us are influenced by the way they see Jesus govern our lives. The Englishman says Actions speak louder than voice. When we profess to be Christians and our actions indicate otherwise, no one, I mean, no one will venture to listen to our testimonies.

📖Believers’ faith grows stronger, and unbelievers venture into faith when children of God talk the talk and walk the walk.

📖It is important to remind us here of the fact that unbelievers watch to see what our reactions in the midst of certain circumstances will be.

📖They would want to know if we really trust that God we say we worship in the moment of hard or impossible situations.

📖 God’s faithfulness is shown, not only in our speeches, it is better shown in our actions.

📖Statistically, over 89.09% of Modern Christianity is highly expressed verbally, while only 10.01% reflect Christianity in actions. Is this not disheartening? Think about it.

📖 a Great number of those who profess Christianity practice The Theologies of Escapism and Hedonism.

✒️Those who practice The Theology of Escapism live in denial of realities. For such a Christian to say, for instance, “I have a headache when one has a headache, is expressing negative. One should rather say in that situation, “I don’t have a headache.” Well, this is a two-dimensional sin:
👉🏽#1: Telling a lie: falsehood, and
👉🏽#2: Denying a fact: making one’s faith irrealistic.

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📖Those who practice The Theology of Hedonism believe that Christianity is eating, drinking, making money, acquiring possessions, extremely enjoying oneself, and making merry. Health and Wealth Preaching, popularly known as Prosperity Preaching emanated from Hedonistic Theology. Well, this also has a multidimensional sin. Time and space will not allow me to mention the anti-Christian doctrines that emanate from Hedonistic Theology.

📖Rather, Consistency and Perseverance are two important facets of the faith we should pass down. People, especially unbelievers, watch to see if we mean what we say and if we will still rely on God when trouble comes. A believer can use his trials to demonstrate how a genuine Christian responds to situations rather than denying reality.

📖As we live out our faith in a visible way, we will be handing down something far more valuable than gold or silver to the onlookers.

💡Therefore, evangelize, not only verbally, evangelize through your behavior and attitude.

Shalom and Maranatha!

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