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Eternally Secured by His Grace or intermittently lose our salvation?

DevotionsEternally Secured by His Grace or intermittently lose our salvation?

1 John 1:8-10

🌡️There are some thorny issues in Christianity today. These issues are thorny just because some people decided to make them thorny and just because people bring human wisdom into biblical interpretation. One of those issues is Eternal Security and Loss of Salvation.

🌡️”How can God be so gracious and merciful as a holy God,” they ask with their little human brain.

🌡️Even though time and space will not permit us to discuss this in full, let us discuss one aspect of it based on I John 1:8-10.

🌡️When a believer confesses wrongdoing, God forgives and cleanses His (1 John 1:9). This is undisputed biblical truth. But by failing to admit his sin, a Christian will experience being distanced from God. He or she may feel unworthy of God´s love and can even struggle with a sense of rejection.

🌡️Sometimes, he/she will say that I am no longer saved, but that is impossible.

🌡️The person sees things this way because he brings in human thoughts into the process of salvation. He fathoms in his mind and visualizes in his brain how and what salvation should be. He now becomes the giver of salvation and determines who will be saved and who will not.

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🌡️But note: while we can lose our assurance and even our rewards, we can never lose our salvation or our place in heaven. Salvation is not earned; it is a gracious and merciful gift directly from God to you and cannot be lost. God does not make mistakes.

🌡️It is theologically incorrect to see God’s
chastening hand as a confirmation of loss of salvation. The 20th/21st Century Health and Wealth Gospel propagators coined in false theology because, according to them, “you cannot be ill nor be in poverty as a Child of God.” Where is this teaching from? Well, you can find out by yourself.

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🌡️Let us not be deceived. The Lord disciplines those He loves. Correction is, therefore, proof that we are His legitimate children (Heb. 12:6 -7).

🌡️Chastisement is His way of guiding the wayward believer back into fellowship with Him.

🌡️ Jesus is our advocate before God. What does this tell you? Does it tell you that a Christian can lose his salvation? If so, what is the purpose of His advocacy?

🌡️But note: like ancient Israel´s high priests who offered blood sacrifices, Jesus atoned for our sins by His own blood on the cross. Therefore, we cannot be cast out of His grace as believers in Christ.

🌡️The minute we confess our wrongdoing, our distanced relationship dissipates, and assurance comes back into our hearts.

🌡️The Holy Spirit who dwells in us notifies us when we miss the mark, and He urges us to confess immediately. A truly regenerated believer (not a Church attendee) does not hesitate to confess the known sins in his life.

🌡️If the theology of loss of salvation is tenable, then no one, including the proponents, will be saved because the theology is based on works. This contradicts Paul’s teaching of being saved by grace and faith alone (Ephesians 2:8-10).

🌡️ Eternal Security is based on God’s grace. This is not a license to sin, as some think, because no regenerated person continues in sin, or lives habitually in sin. Sin is abhorrent to both God and the Believer.

👉Therefore, rejoice, you regenerated believer in Christ because you are saved, and no one, no power, and no force will be able to pluck you out of the Lord’s hand. This is a divine assurance. Throw away human theories and theologies and embrace the biblical truth of being eternally secured in the Lord’s hand, guaranteed by His Grace.

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Shalom and Maranatha!

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