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Eschatology: Things to Come (part 5: The Signs of Nature)

Hillcross MinistryEschatologyEschatology: Things to Come (part 5: The Signs of Nature)

There are signs of the season leading to Jesus’ Second Coming. Let us start with The Signs of Nature:

What are the signs? Let me give you the categories.

  • First are the signs of nature. And let me just tell you right now — right up front — that the signs of nature are the least respected signs in all the various categories of signs. When you mention signs of nature, people say, “What do you mean by that?” What I am talking about is earthquakes, volcanos, famines, pestilence, and mysterious things in the heavens. People start laughing when these things are mentioned. Usually for one or two reasons. They either first of all say, “those things have always been with us. There have always been famines, earthquakes, tornadoes — so what else is new? They think Christians are stupid idiots to believe that God would speak through a sign of nature. They conclude by saying that Christians are ignorant and superstitious.

Anyone who thinks of Christians this way, or who think that God cannot speak through nature should listen.

The signs of nature are for real. The Bible teaches from beginning to end that God always speaks through nature.

For instance:

  • God put a special star in the heavens when Jesus was born.
  • On the day that He was crucified, there was a special three hours of darkness and an earthquake.

And the Word says that when Jesus returns, there is going to be the greatest earthquake in all of history — that every valley will be lifted up, every mountain will be lowered, the whole earth will be flattened like plain, every island will be moved, and the city of Jerusalem will be lifted up to be the highest point on the face of the earth.

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God speaks through signs of nature. You go back to the Old Testament prophets and you will find prophets after prophets speaking of the signs of nature.

Joel’s whole book is about a locust invasion. What is the message? Joel is saying, “Hey, our land has just been stripped bare by locusts. We do not have anything to eat. We do not have anything to feed our cattle. We do not have anything to offer to the Lord.” Then, he says, “I have news for you. You are sitting around wringing your hands, lamenting over your situation, and asking, ‘Why did this have to happen to us?’ Well, your plight does not have anything to do with luck. God sent the locusts to call you to repentance, and if you do not repent, God is going to send an army that will completely destroy you.”

Do you think they believed him? No.

They laughed and scoffed and ridiculed and jeered him. They did not believe Joel, and God sent the army.

The prophet Amos also emphasized the signs of nature in his preaching. He said to the people, “Hey, have you noticed every time you go out and plant your crops, that the root rot gets them? And when you go back and replant them, a flood destroys them? And when you replant, a hail storm gets them? And when you go back and replant them, the blight comes? And when you replant, the locusts arrive?”

He said, “I have a piece of news for you: God sent those calamaties, because God is calling you to repentance!”

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We live in one of the most rationalistic societies on the face of this earth. We worship at the altar of rationalism. The average “intellectual” no more believes in the supernatural than he believes in the man on the moon. This is true also of the average Christian. We are so rationalistic that we believe that if we cannot see it, if we cannot touch it, if we cannot smell it, if we cannot taste it, if we cannot weigh it — then it does not exist.

But the Bible teaches there is a whole realm of reality that is normally beyond the perception of the senses. I am speaking of the realm of the angelic, the realm of the demonic, the realm of spiritual warfare. And an aspect of it is the way God speaks through signs of nature. He always has, and He always will.

When people sneer at these signs and say, “Well, you know, there have always been signs like these,” they ignore what Jesus said in Matthew 24. Listen to what He says as he describes these signs. In Matthew 24:8 Jesus said the signs of nature will be like “birth pangs.” Now, I have never had birth pangs, and so I went to my wife one time when I first started studying Bible prophecy and I said, “What in the world does the Lord mean by that?” She said, “Oh, any mother knows what that means. She then explained that the closer a pregnant woman gets to the delivery of her baby, the birth pangs increase in two ways. They increase in frequency and intensity. That is exactly what Jesus meant here. The closer we get to His coming, the more earthquakes there will be and the more intense; the more volcanic eruptions, the more intense; the more plagues, the more intense; the more famine, the more intense.

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Does that sound like the evening news? That is exactly what has been happening in this century. Get a World Almanac. Look up the statistics in it, and you will see that ever since this century began, we have been experiencing an increasing frequency and intensity in all our natural calamities. The statistics are overwhelming. It is as if God is shaking all of nature and shaking it harder, and harder, and harder, the closer we get to the coming of Jesus. He is saying to the world, “Listen to me, listen to me! Jesus is coming soon!”

My brothers and sisters, the signs of nature are for real, and we had better pay attention to them. They are proclaiming that Jesus is coming soon.

Do not be taken unawares. Watch out for part 5. Shalom!

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