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Eschatology: Things to come, (part 11 section 3)

Hillcross MinistryEschatologyEschatology: Things to come, (part 11 section 3)

Remember, we have discussed:
The regathering of the Jews;
The re-establishment of the state; and
The reclamation of the land.

Now, the fourth sign of Israel is the revival of the language.

When the Jews were spread all over the world they stop speaking Hebrew and started speaking Yiddish (a mixture of Hebrew and German) and Ladino (a mixture of Hebrew and Spanish). But God said in Zephaniah 3:9 that in the end times He was going to re-establish their language of Hebrew, and He has done it in this century through a man named Eliezer Ben Yehuda. This man was a single-minded fanatic who spent his life trying to revive the Hebrew language, a language that had not been spoken in almost 2,000 years. He had to invent thousands of new words based upon ancient Hebrew root words. It seemed an impossible task, but he accomplished it, and today, biblical Hebrew is the official language of Israel. That means the people do not need a translation to read ancient biblical scrolls or the Dead Sea Scrolls. God said He would do it, and He did it. It is one of the greatest miracles of modern history and it is a real proof that Jesus’ coming is imminent. So, do not be taken unawares.

Let us review — we have the regathering of the Jews, the re-establishment of the state, the reclamation of the land, and the revival of the language. We will discuss the fifth and sixth Jewish signs in Part 11 section 4. Please, watch out for the post. God bless you!

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