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Eschatology: Things to Come (part 11, section 2: The Signs of Israel).

Hillcross MinistryEschatologyEschatology: Things to Come (part 11, section 2: The Signs of Israel).

The first sign of Israel is the regathering of the Jewish people which is being fulfilled in our eyes.

The second sign of Israel is the re-establishment of their state. There is no doubt that the State of Israel is being reestablish in this dispensation. Be on alert.

The third sign is the reclamation of the land. This reclamation in the 1900s, but came into climax during the six-day war that made Israel take all the “occupied lands” as it is called by the UN. Be sober and be alert.

Isaiah 35 and many other passages speak of the fact that when the Jews return to the land, it will be reclaimed — the land will come alive.

Mark Twain visited Israel in the mid 1860s and wrote in his book, Innocents Abroad, about what a barren wasteland it was. The trees had been cut down. The land had been raped for 2,000 years by foreign conquerors who had no respect for it, no concern for it, no love for it.

When the Jews began to go back in the early 1900s, the Arabs laughed at them for buying the land. Who, but a crazy
Jew, would want malaria infested swampland?

Today, the Arabs want the land back because God has touched it, and God has made it a beautiful land once again, just as He promised.

Today, Israel is the food basket of the Middle East. The Israelis have planted over 400 million trees all over the land, and rainfall has increased over 450 percent, according to statistics. It is a land of milk and honey once again. God has kept His promise, and it is a sign that Jesus is coming soon. So, how could a sober and alert Christian be taken unawares?

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The regathering of the Jews; the re-establishment of the state; and the reclamation of the land are great signs of the imminent Advent of the Lord.

Remember, the Bible says that as children of the light, we are made to know the season of His coming. The signs are clear, and Christians should decipher them.

Watch out for part 11, section 3.

Shalom and Maranatha!

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