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Eschatological Happenings: The 5G Saga (part 3).

Hillcross MinistryEschatologyEschatological Happenings: The 5G Saga (part 3).

What is the role of 5G network in the New World Order?

The New World Order is an age of digital technology. 5G network is the only network for high, fast and competent digital technology. Without it there is no appreciable advancement that can be done in digital technology in the world. This is why 5G network is important in the New World Order. The proponents of this new order want it at all costs.

Now, because China is in trade, technology and economic war with the USA, she decided to work fast enough to be the first to lunch the 5G network.

It is no longer news that sometimes in July 2019 the 5G network was rolled out in the city of Wuhan in China. Then later on, the USA, UK, Italy, France, Iran and others rolled out their 5G network in selected Cities in their Countries, not with the primary intention to kill people but the 5G network is inevitable.

The Chinese knew that the 5G network would be harmful, but they did not know the extent of the damage, until they tested it.
Remember, the disease the launch of 5G network cause that killed thousands of people worldwide is known as COVID-19 (Corona virus).

China wanted to be ahead of other nations, so they agreed to use the “new” innovation in a city where they could easily attribute the cause of death that might likely occur to a virus. Wuhan was known for eating live animals and cockroaches that can easily transmit virus to human, hence the decision to use the city. This is why Donald Trump nick named the virus “China Virus.”

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5G Network and Microchip vaccines.

How did 5G network metamorphose in to Microchip vaccines?

Please, pay attention here because it will explain to you what Antichrist and his agents want to do with the New World Order.

Researchers of Science Tech indicate that the effect of the radiation of 5G network on human body will take about 5 to 6 months to manifest. So, the plan was that, once they have people killed by the radiation, they would quickly perform experiments on the dead bodies to ascertain the type of damage that took place in the cells of the bodies and quickly write a code that could prevent this damage from taking place within the bodies and put it in the microchip that would be implanted under the skin of everyone. This is the vaccine that Bill Gates was talking about. They would convince the world that anybody who has the microchip implanted on his or her skin would not die of 5G radiation. They would equally say “you have been vaccinated and you are no more a danger to human community and so you will be permitted to perform transactions over the 5G network, such as buying and selling under the new world order.”

Does this tell you anything about the coming mark of the Beast? If you do not have that microchip in your body (just as Revelation 13 says), you will neither sell nor buy. This is where the New World Order and the 5G network are taken the world to. It would be a world governed by the Beast.

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Note that the people dying now (from COVID-19 complications) are just the collateral damages that must take place before they get their vaccine fully ready for deployment. The number of dead people in the world would convince people to take the vaccine.

Meanwhile, do not forget that the microchip contained in that vaccine carries many pieces of information about the vaccinated to power the next generation technology of Artificial intelligence.

Do not forget, the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ should not take you unawares. It is imminent. The signs of the event are fulfilling in our eyes. Don’t be blindfolded by the one whose major interest is to lead you to damnation.

Look out for more in Part 4.
Maranatha! The Lord is coming!

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