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Eschatological Happenings: 5G Saga (part 1)

Hillcross MinistryEschatologyEschatological Happenings: 5G Saga (part 1)

More signs are surfacing on earth to give credence to the imminent Second Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The highlighting of these signs is to let Christians be ready – not to be taken unawares. Read on!

We have all heard about the following:

The new World Order (The use of internet)
The corona virus (nuclear creation)
The 5G network(10 times faster than 4G)
The Grants for African(To woo leaders into accepting the snare)
The Mark of the beast(Identification of those who accept satanism).

What do these things means and how do they correlate the Coming of Christ?

Satan, who is the ruler of this world wants to reduce world population for easy control and management. He uses human beings to achieve this evil purpose.

He wants to achieve the following objectives:

One world economy
One world government
One world religion(accepted by many Mega Church pastors in Nigeria and beyond.

The achieving of these means caging humanity and taking over power by Satan. The world will now be controlled by few individuals and big corporations through Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence

It is using machines to act exactly like human beings; and when this is achieved human beings themselves would be turned into machines by artificially controlling their brains to perform intelligent tasks as obtained in Artificial Intelligence.

All Christians should take note. To achieve this, (Artificial Intelligence), human agents of Satan will compel everyone to take a microchip in form of vaccines in their bodies. This will permit them to transact businesses and perform all life’s essentials in the world. No one would be allowed to perform all of these without the vaccine.

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The major agents and advocates of this satanic agenda are:

Bill Gates,
Elon Musk,
Jeff Bezos,
George Soros,
Warren Buffet,
Barack Obama,
Jacob Rothschild,
Henry Kissinger,
the Rockerfellers,
Bill and Hilary Clinton,
Tony Blair
and many other world billionaires.

Mark Zuckerberg recently promised Billions of dollars to the Bill Gates Covid-19 vaccine.

These billionaires do not want to use their money to help humanity but to decimate it. The Bible predicted such a terrible times signaling the Return of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Do not be taken unawares!

Watch our for part 2.


Article by Hillcross Ministry

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