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Eating the good of the land

DevotionsEating the good of the land
Text: Isaiah 1: 19. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.


There is no dry land anywhere, what we have are dry minds and visions.
Every land the Lord brings His own flows with milk and honey.

When the spies that were sent to spy the promised land gave negative reports about the land, Caleb stood out.
Caleb’s report was different because he knew God would not bring them thus far to abandon them.
The Bible says everything the Lord has made is good. Numbers 13.


Many people including believers are like the spies that disposed of the promised land.
Note that whatever you don’t see good in, will never give you good.
Have you ever wondered why in every society, there’s always the upper class, middle class, lower class in terms of resources and possession?
I’ll share this secret in today’s devotion.
What a man fails to see, he will never seize.
When a believer exalts his trouble and physical challenges more than His God, he sees more impossibilities rather than possibilities.


Spiritual and physical lives are governed by spiritual and physical principles.
And the spiritual is the power that drives the physical.
A blind man will not take more than the offer he receives but a man who sees will make good demands to satisfy his desire.
What do you see in your current nation of residence?
If because of racism, discrimination and preferential treatments you are tired of the land, then I must tell you that going to another nation is not the solution because these things are everywhere.

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From our text in today’s devotion, the Bible gives us 2 key principles, that applies both spiritual and physical, in getting the milk and honey of a land. Willingness and Obedience.


1. Willingness: Many believers want to be prosperous but not everyone is willing to pay the price of prosperity.
From my definition and understanding, willingness is a deliberate act.
To be willing means to be prepared to do something.
We have complained carelessly about coming to here or there and it makes us live below the standard of God’s plan.
Are you willing to eat the good of the land?


* Learn the language of the land. The Bible tells us of Daniel and his friends, in a space of 3 years, they learnt and spoke the Babylonian language much more than the indigenes of the land. Daniel 1:4-5.
* Be mindful of God who has brought you into the land and willing not to sin against the Lord as the people on the land you’re dwelling. Deuteronomy 18:9-13.
* A positive mindset and confession come from a heart that is willing to walk with the Lord and His word.
* You must say no to laziness and be willing to labour and work with your strength and intellect.
A lazy man will not eat the good of the land.
Driving cars through illegal means of livelihood is not God’s blessing and it has nothing to do with the good God has planned for HIS own in a land. And finally,
* Embrace wisdom, fear the Lord and thou shalt have a prosperous way. Proverbs 1:7, Psalms 37:16-20.

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Many believers envy sinners and their quest for wealth and lose their heavenly commission.
Striving to be like a sinner, will reduce and possibly terminate God’s plan for your life.
Trust in the Lord thy God and do Good, so you shall dwell and be fed in the land.
Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:1-5, Proverbs 24:1-3.


2. Obedience: Obedience to the word of God, is a spiritual tool with a physical reflection that brings about the supplies of milk and honey to a believer in a land.
As a believer, the word of God is our life manual.
A man who withdraws from God’s word, will not enjoy the blessings attached to the word.
It was the same word that prospered Moses and He gave out the secret to Joshua in Joshua 1:8.
In the word of God, we have every answer to any kind of question in life.


Obedience to the word of God requires a sincere relationship with the owner of the word.
When God’s word tells you to be patient, then you must be patient.
When God’s word tells you to love then you must love.
When God’s word tells you to present your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, then you must obey.

Believers find it difficult to obey God’s word.
We want it very fast, we want God to understand our inconsequential and selfish reasons, instead of obeying God’s word.
Are you obedient to the voice of God?
Many believers have forgotten the place of their God and now turned to live like whatever they see.
I have seen people who never drank alcohol but has now become alcohol addicts on the new land as a result of the negative social influence.
A relationship with God will reveal to us the treasures of a land.
The silver and gold are the Lords’. Haggai 2:8.
Relationship with the Lord will make you strong.
For the Bible declares that those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. Daniel 11:32.
Now take a self-examination on your life, are you faithful to God on the land He has brought you?
Are you upright in your faith?
Are you faithful to the job He has given to You?
Are you faithful to the word of God?
Make amends on areas you have failed and see the salvation of the Lord.
I pray Grace to live a Holy and acceptable life be released unto you in Jesus name.
Bible study;
Psalm 24:1.
Psalm 37.

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