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Don’t give in to his lies

DevotionsDon't give in to his lies

Text: John 8: 44. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.


It is very important we understand who we are as believers and who we belong to.
It’s of no doubt that ignorance and lack of revelation have kept many under the bondage and captivity of the devil.
Believers are driven by fear as the enemy uses deadly and disastrous events every now and then in our society.
But only those that know their God will stand strong.
Dear reader, Satan has no power over you as a true believer.
Satan only comes LIKE a roaring lion to scare You, and when you give in, he gets his access.
Satan only works with information.
As he prowls around, he keeps looking for pieces of information to strike.
Therefore, we must be mindful of what we say and what we give our time to.


Have you noticed that affliction rises only when a believer is exposed to sin?
Understand this day, that the devil is a liar.
He is the father of lies.
Right from the beginning, he lied to Eve about how they would become equal to God and not die. Now, what else can be of a life that is separated from God? Death of course, just as God forewarned them. (Romans 6:23, John 3:36, Genesis 2:16-17).
The devil fights You, in order to destroy your soul.
Don’t get caught in the lies of the devil.
It is our responsibility to daily search God’s word, in order to understand God’s plan for our lives and God’s response to whatever situation that has turned negative to us.

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Satan lies that you cannot conceive and carry your baby, haven’t you heard that children are the inheritance of God’s children? Psalm 127:3.
It is also written for our faith and building that even at a very old age, Sarah yet conceived and bore Abraham a son Isaac. Child of God if the Virgin Mary could conceive, and bring forth the Messiah, what else could be impossible for God to handle over those lies of infertility and barrenness?


Has Satan told you that it is good to live in secret sin to avoid shame?
That is a lie, you must understand that secretly, he would hide you and destroy your soul.
It might seem secret before men but not from God.
It is much better to dwell in the secret place of building with God than dwell in that secret sin of destruction with the devil.
Reproof that devil today and break loose of that lie and captivity.


Has the devil told you that cancer and her kinds are incurable?
That’s a big lie child of God.
Let me submit to you that Satan was created by this God we serve in truth and in Spirit.
Jeremiah 32:17 exclaims, Ah! Lord, you created the Heavens and the earth, by your great outstretched power, there’s nothing difficult for you.
Haven’t you heard that by the stripes He took for us on the cross, we’re healed of every affliction? Isaiah 53:5.
No sickness, or power, stands the power in the name of Jesus.
At the mention of that name, every knee must bow, in Heaven, on earth, and underneath the earth and every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord. Philippians 2:9-11.

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Has the devil lied to you that you’re alone and would amount to nothing?
That is a lie child of God.
Search the scriptures, I hear God saying, I will not forget nor forsake You, for I have engraved your name on the hollows of my palm and thy walls are continually before me. Isaiah 49:14-16.
Again the Lord is saying, turn deaf ears to the lies of the devil, “for I know the thoughts I have for You, thoughts of good and not evil, to prosper and not to hinder, to bring about a great future and ending for you. Jeremiah 29:11.


Is Satan telling you that you will die and not fulfill God’s purpose?
Now see what God has to say.
“With long life, I will satisfy you and show you my salvation Psalm 91:16“.
“You shall not die He says, but live in the land of the living to declare the works of God”. Psalm 118:17.
Dear reader and redeemed of Christ, you are too defended to be destroyed.
“No man, no power speaks and it happens without the Lord’s permission”. Lamentations 3:37.
I decree in the name of Jesus, may God arise and discomfit all your enemies in the name of Jesus.


When we daily search and live by the standard of God’s word, we’ll see that; “He that is with us, is greater than those that are against us”. 1 John 4:4. 2 Kings 6:16.
May God be gracious unto You and cause His face to shine upon you in Jesus name.

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