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Don’t extend the Journey

DevotionsDon't extend the Journey

Hebrews 10: 38.


Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. 


Failure to understand the place of God in our lives have kept many under bondage.

It is God’s plan that we don’t dwell so long in a particular situation or unpleasant environment but we sometimes cease the revelation of God’s future Glory in our lives by the way we live, act and talk.


In our devotion on this subject, we have (4) out of the many ways on how believers unconsciously delay their blessings, and the manifestation to the answers of their prayers, but today; we’ll discuss on 2.


1. Murmuring. To murmur against God’s word, God’s promises and God’s servant, is an act of sin and disobedience.
When we murmur against God, we disrespect Him.
A good biblical example of this act is recorded in the book of Deuteronomy 1:3-4,  the Bible tells us on how a journey that was supposed to last for only 11 days, took 40 years as a result of murmurs and rebellion.


To rebel against called is recorded as witchcraft. (1 Samuel 15:23).
After the Lord had brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, despite the mighty works of the Lord, they kept offending God by their negative words, murmurs, insults, at every difficult situation they encountered they cried telling God how they had preferred to go back to Egypt and die.
In 10 different occasions, the Lord held it against them, that they murmured and sinned against Him. Numbers 14:22.

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After the 12 spies were back, the Bible recorded that they gave a negative report apart from Caleb and Joshua.
They made the congregation murmur against God and kindled the anger of the Lord.
Numbers 14, tells us on how the Lord wanted to destroy them all but had mercy after Moses’ intercession and extended their journey of 11 days to 40 years, converting every day they had spent in spying the promise land to 1 year. Numbers 14:33-34.


As God’s children, we must learn to trust and obey God’s word as we walk with Him.
In any way you have murmured against God and extended your journey, I pray the mercies of God upon you by the reason of the Precious Blood of Christ Jesus.


2. Gossip. It is a common act among believers.
We must understand that a situation that is best talked behind a fellow is a sinful act and if such attitude is not checked, it can possibly extend our journey.
We are God’s children and the light of the World, if such attitudes could be traced around us, how can we stand out from an unbeliever?


We gossip about everything that happens even in the church.
Many believers gossip even their pastors and leaders, and they are trapped by their own sin.
Evaluate yourself child of God and repent from such acts.
Many gossip their friends, their loved ones, their neighbors, we must repent from them all.


The Bible speaks of blessings to those who do not sit and gossip in saloons.
Let’s see it; Psalms 1:1 How well God must like you –  you don’t hang out at Sin Saloon, you don’t slink along Dead-End Road, you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College. MSG

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We must run from everything that stimulates such act, including environments, friends, etc, so we can enjoy a Life of God’s abundance and divine supply.


In conclusion, let us spend time on things that are good and guard our heart diligently, delighting on God’s word, for the Just shall live by faith.
Also remember that the Lord has no pleasure on those that have drawn back.


Bible Study.
Psalm 1.
Philippians 4:8-9.

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