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Habakkuk 3:17

One thing I have seen over the years with many Christians is that we always procrastinate our praise and deep worship. Many will say “if only I can have this or that, I will praise God more”. The funniest part is that we end up achieving such but we forget to praise Him sometimes because we have a new target already.

Why not praise Him in the midst of your current situation. Why not give Him that futuristic praise now. The same thing applies to our spiritual life in general. “Only if I could move into an apartment of my own, I will pray and study God’s word more”. “If God can just bless me with that wife/husband of my dream, I will pray in the spirit more”.

It’s time we stop making promises as Christians and start maximizing the present situation. You are not too young to write a book about God’s goodness. You don’t need a new apartment to pray more. You don’t need a new car to worship God more. Maximize what God has given to you and see Him bless you more abundantly. God bless you

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