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Proverbs 21:23 “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue guards his soul from troubles”.

To be at ease means to be free from pain and discomfort, and so I was until one day while teaching a ballet class, I felt nauseous like I was on a whirling ride at King’s Island. Sparkling spots twinkled on a black background in front of my eyes and my normal sense of balance was nowhere to be found. “What is wrong with me, Jesus?” I hoped that my students wouldn’t notice so I pretended to be doing a new choreographic move as I suddenly stumbled. I knew that I was very sick. My ease had been dissed. No doctor could figure out why I was sick because every test that I took turned up normal.

Shortly before this day, the Lord told me to “stand”. What? I didn’t ask Him what that meant. I was overworked and tired, but I kept pushing onward. The Lord spoke to me again and what He said the second time was a little stronger: “halt”. Yet I just kept on going until He actually let my disobedience to His spoken word to me cause me to halt. Hearing and not obeying had caused confusion in my mind and heart. I began to be dissatisfied with everyone and everything around me.

Dissatisfied and confused, I began to doubt that God wanted me to be healed. This doubt was paralyzing. I couldn’t think or see straight. Then I became angry.

I got a glimpse of how evil my human heart is in turning from God: not trusting Him and in being angry at my situation. It was that yucky sin nature again trying to figure it all out and not trusting Him with all of my heart. Plus, I was still talking sickness, not healing, most of the time.

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Note from my pastor: “Corrupt speech is saying you are sick when the Word says you are healed.” Ouch!


“Lord Jesus, I purpose this day to speak Your Word over my dis-ease rather than give voice to my feelings. Check me if I am tempted to murmur and complain. I will order my conversation to agree with Your Word.”

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Final Thoughts:

The Lord worked with me so lovingly that I could only respond to Him with love in return. He took me through intense soul searching and showed me some attitudes that had to change if I were to recover my ease. Among other things I renewed my commitment to guard my mouth. He healed me and my ease was no longer dissed. Hallelujah, Jesus is always the answer.

Be Greatly Blessed!

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