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Christian or Secular Worldview (part 4) – Ethics

ArticlesChristian or Secular Worldview (part 4) - Ethics


Secular Humanist – ethical relativism, situation ethics, a new morality, etc.

Secular ethics can be described as “Ethics of man, by man, and for man.” The man writes his own ethical code.

The following is the ethics of Marxism – Communist or class morality.

The ends justify the means, not the other way round. Anything is ethical, as long as it is advancing the socialist cause of a classless society.

Raping and killing someone infected with the concept of God and Free-market ideology is no different than a farmer killing a cow infected with Anthrax. Just like with Nazism, if it advances the cause, it is acceptable. This worldview is not only satanic, it is also inhuman.

This also agrees with what many contemporary preachers project in the teachings. For instance, one of the mega Church pastors in Nigeria, in his television message, said two weird things that are very incompatible with the Scriptures:

(1) Masturbation is not sin and

(2) Whatever you call sin becomes sin to you.

1. Masturbation is not sin. This assertion clearly shows that the pastor does not even know what really makes sexual intercourse sin. To him, it is when a man penetrates a woman that sin can be recorded. This is wrong because what constitutes sin in sex is from the inside. Before one enjoys or performs properly in a sexual relationship, one must give his total being into it. This is what makes it sin. Whether it is a sexual relationship with a same-sex or opposite sex, with animals or masturbation, the effect is the same. Therefore, to say that masturbation is not sin, is to say that all forms of sexual relationship outside marriage is not sin.

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2. Whatever you call sin becomes sin to you.

This is the most devastating teaching I have ever heard in this Century. Let us have a little analysis of this belief.

Genesis 3:5 says: “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” This is the same lie with which the devil goes about today deceiving anyone who cares to listen to him. In this verse, Satan promised Eve that she would be an institution of her own if she disobeyed God. Being one’s own institution means that one would decide what sin is and what it is not. This is the belief and theology of that mega church pastor. He teaches it without regrets and without recourse to the Bible. This theology says that God and the Bible cannot tell humanity what sin is. It is rather human beings that determine what sin is and what it is not. In other words, if you commit murder, for instance, and be bold enough to say it is not sin; it would not be a sin to you. Whatever does not beat your conscience is not a sin to you, but it is sin when it beats your conscience. What deceit!

What then does Christian Ethics say?

Christian Ethics says God is absolute and unchanging, and so are His morals. God hates the evil and loves the good. The Bible is the absolute source of knowledge of what is evil or good. We have a general knowledge of right and wrong by our conscience. However, The Word of God, specifically the life of Christ, leaves us no doubt as to what is right and wrong.

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– God expects us to discern between good and evil (Heb 5:14),
and to choose the good and avoid the evil (Rom 12:9).

Doing what is right does not depend on our circumstances, but on God’s Word on the subject.

– Sin is not okay on Saturday night, and then wrong on Sunday morning. It is always wrong.

– Sin is not okay with one person whose conscience does not beat, and not okay with one whose conscience beats. Sin is sin universally. The Bible remains the immutable word of God.

The Bible says God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Let us not be destroyed. Let us learn from the Bible, not from self-called pastors, to have knowledge that preserves God’s people.

Christian Ethics is based on the Bible, not on any sage.

By Daniel Sopuru

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