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Breaking secret sins and habits

DevotionsBreaking secret sins and habits

Text: 2 Corinthians 3: 17. Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.


A bad habit is a negative behavior pattern.
Most people, including believers, are indulging in secret sins.
Our enemy the devil, is the master of all evil and the practice.
Satan inflicts, possess or oppress lives, have them locked in one secret sin or another.
Have you ever wondered why sins like masturbation, pornography, fornication and more of its kind are practiced secretly?
No believer who is in the bondage of such practice would easily open up, or speak boldly of it.
That’s the enemy’s device.


The devil hijacks a destiny, keeps him in the bondage of one sin or another, with the aim of killing the life and future of such a fellow and finally destroy the fellow in hell.
Now we must be mindful of these three agenda of the devil which is; To steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10.
But here comes another, Jesus Christ the son of God, who is here to give life abundantly. John 10:10.


In overcoming secret sins, we must be ready, willing and deliberate to let go.
The Bible tells us that the children’s bread is not meant for dogs.
For only those that believe in the son of man, have access to the benefits of His death and resurrection. (Matthew 15:26, John 3:16.)
When we open our hearts to the working of the Holy Spirit, He gently begins the deliverance, healing and restoration work in us.
For where the Spirit of God resides, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17.


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Another way we can receive this freedom is by exposing those secret sins and weaknesses to the light of God.
We must deliberately seek God’s counsel through other faithful believers in the Faith.
The Bible encourages us to confess our weaknesses, to one another. James 5:16.
We bear each other’s burden in doing so. Galatians 6:2.
A sin exposed, losses it’s grip and power on us. But when we keep it secret, it maintains its power on us.


Today, God wants to deliver you from any form of satanic bondage and limitations.
As you draw close to God, I pray your deliverance will come swiftly and be made permanent in Jesus name.
You can also take an extra step of faith and share with us any form of sin and habits that had held you down these years.
Our pastors would love to counsel you and also inform the prayer team who would earnestly pray for you.
Write us here on; info@personaloutreachministry.com



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