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Breaking Resistance

DevotionsBreaking Resistance

Text: 1 Samuel 14: 6.

And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armour, Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the LORD will work for us: for there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few.



The word resistance means, the refusal to accept or comply with something.
From our devotion today, we would clearly understand how to effectively break out from whatever that have resisted our efforts and life. We would see the lives of Jonathan, Moses and Gideon in today’s study.



In 1 Samuel 13, after Saul had earlier disobeyed God by carrying out the sacrifice, with the fear of loosing the battle as he thought prophet Samuel wouldn’t come again as he had waited for 7 days, the Bible says, Israel had a military disadvantage.


They had no fighting equipment, they were physically outnumbered by their enemies and when they saw the philistine, they hid in rocks, caves, cistern. (1 Sam 13: 5-7).
The host of the philistine became a terror that kept them in fear, worries and confusion.



Sometimes in life, we experience the same thing, we are limited by our own fear.
We forget that the battle is of the Lord.
When we see the attacks, the battles, the oppression, the arrows of the enemy against our lives, families, church, we get so worried.


We start making negative confessions.
Child of God, you must understand that those that are born of God are overcomers.

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From our main text in 1 Samuel 14, As Jonahthan and his armor bearer broke out from the camp, after they had encountered the philistine, they realized;



Oh! What I thought was a lion, was only a mouse speaking behind a microphone.
The soldiers we were afraid of were just mere chicken.
The Bible recorded that the 2 young men, killed 20 philistine. And immediately fear gripped the entire regiment of the philistine.


And the Lord added to their trouble by sending a massive earthquake.
When you move, God moves.
You don’t sit and expect a victory.
You don’t cry and expect a victory.
You don’t hide, complain and expect a victory.
Take the step of faith over that situation.
It could be in prayers, in work, just break the resistance.



Again the Bible speaks of Moses and the Israelites beholding the red sea, the people were gripped with fear. Going back was not an option, going forward was also not, as they thought.
But we can clearly learn that backward is never an option in life.
No matter what stands your way, you must live forward in prayers, praise, work and break the resistance.
The Lord said move. I have given you everything you need for this battle. Use what’s in your hand.
The same way the Lord is saying to us, use what is in your hand. Use your skills, your intelligence, and break that academic resistance.


Use you spiritual armor above all, use the name above all names, Jesus. For in that name you shall cast out demons (Mark 16:17) and break the resistance.

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Again, in Judges 6-7, Gideon remained a chicken, even after all the miraculous signs of the Lord.
He was still afraid.
He was not fully convinced of victory.
Until the Lord said;
If you are still in doubt, “go and camp amidst your enemies, you will hear somerhing”
(Judges 7:7-15).
Believe me when you hear what your enemies are saying about You, you will know that you are too protected to be tormented.


Too anointed to be frustrated.
Stand child of God! And break whatever power that has resisted your effort and your skills and spiritual Authority.
Break the resistance in the name of Jesus!!
God bless!



Philippians 2:9-11, In Jesus name I break every power that has resisted me in the past years.
Continue in this direction of prayer and let the Holy Spirit lead you.

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