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Being Confident Before God in Prayer

DevotionsBeing Confident Before God in Prayer

I John 2:28; Hebrews 4:16

🎚️Theologians named the First Epistle of John The book of Confidence because believers in Christ have confidence before God in three major areas in their lives:
🪄 In Parousia, that is, during Christ’s appearance.
🪄 In Prayer, that is, when we talk to God, and
🪄 On the Judgment Day, that is, when we shall appear before the Judgment Seat of God.

👉 I recommend you read the entire book of First John reflexively.

🎚️Let us talk about confidence in prayer in this reflection.

🎚️It is important to mention here that sin and lack of trust destroy our confidence before the Lord*

✍️Do you have challenging situations such as difficult home life, work relationship, school situation in which people are reacting negatively to you or struggling with one particular sin or the other in your life?

🎚️Permit me to let you know that, as a Christian, the only way to handle troubles is found in prayers.

🎚️God patiently waits for us to approach His throne of grace confidently through prayer to gain His divine perspective, and receive instruction on how to move on.

🎚️ Gaining God’s perspective in all situations is the key to handling our problems. 🪄What does God say about it?
🪄How does He see it?
🪄What does He want me to learn in/from this situation?
🪄How do I react in this situation to glorify Him.

✍️ Note:The bottom line in all of this is to glorify God.

🎚️The reality is, when we pray a battle between what we want and what God actually wants takes place.

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🎚️We should know that what we want in opposition to what God wants jeopardizes God’s plans and intents for us in any given situation.

🎚️God does not just allow a situation to reach us aimlessly, He has a plan for us. Our spiritual duty is to calm down, listen to the tiny but audible voice of the Holy Spirit and discover God’s intents in that situation.

🎚️ We do not argue with God. Arguing with Him makes us not see His perspective. We must agree to His course and experienced His peace in our lives.

🎚️Christians with bad orientation, tend to shout at God and command Him to do their personal wishes. This rather belittles God and makes Him a robot who must work according to our personal intentions.

🎚️But, when we humbly seek the Lord through prayer, we invite Him to take the lead in our situation and to accomplish His plan.

🎚️He may direct us in ways that surprise us, but they will be for our good and His glory Romans 8: 28 comes into play here.

🎚️ When you trust the Lord, follow His lead, and watch Him resolve the situation, you will be better of.

🎚️Do not forget that praying reminds us that God is the Master and we are His servants.
🪄He knows all things, whereas our perspective is narrow.
🪄He is also all-powerful.
🪄He can penetrate hard hearts and closed minds, but we cannot.

👉 Let us come to God confidently in prayer regularly and watch Him act on our behalf.

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*Shalom and Maranatha!

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