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Beautiful but sick

DevotionsBeautiful but sick

Text: 2 Kings 2: 19. And the men of the city said unto Elisha, Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord seeth: but the water is naught, and the ground barren.


The blessings of the Lord prosper the physical and spiritual life of men.
A true sign of God’s hand in the success of a man is that his love for God will wax strong, enjoying the peace and friendship of God.
A man can be beautiful on the outside, good education, good job, wealthy, all rosy on the outside but sick and dying inside.
Having all these good things of life are really good, but having them at the absence of Christ in your life will deny you a healthy spiritual life.


Do you know people who have gotten wealth through evil ways, crooked and dirty way might appear beautiful on the outside, but they’re sick and dying inside?
Only Jesus can bless you without sorrow my dear.
Why are you inheriting all the world at the risk and expense of your soul?
Why would you go to any extent in pursuit and acquisitions of wealth at the expense of your salvation?
Living at a beautiful home is not enough to secure your salvation.
As Jesus ministered to a rich man who wanted to inquire about salvation, the Lord told him to sell all he had and follow Him, in other words, seek me first, gain the kingdom first, pursue the kingdom first.
But the rich man was displeased and went away because he couldn’t trade his wealth for the salvation of his soul. Luke 18:18-23.

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Sometime ago I remember some of my evangelical crew shared with us on their experience as we discussed on the success of our outreach, they had come across a rich man to witness Christ unto him, but in fulfillment of Jesus’ word on how difficult it would be for the rich to enter God’s kingdom, this rich man mocked and insulted them, bragging about his wealth, that he doesn’t need Jesus because he was already rich. What a foolishness! Beautiful but sick!
Beloved, would you despise an eternal offer in pursuit of the temporal world and her pleasure?
In Acts 3, a story is told of a man who was perfectly positioned in a beautiful gate, but yet sick. He was lame and begged for alms.
This poor beggar remained in that situation until Jesus was introduced into his life. The money he begged for couldn’t set him free, but Jesus did, only Jesus can do, only Jesus still does.
Again our Bible text reveals a city beautifully located but suffered oppression inside. It took the power of God for that curse to be lifted.
Don’t be trapped in the pleasures of this world at the expense of your soul.


Do not make these same mistakes as we have seen in the scriptures.
Surrender your life and the totality of your existence to God today.
Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life, rule your life, cleanse your mistakes and make you a new creature.
Jesus loves you and He’s arms are stretched out wide to receive you.

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