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Be faithful over little

DevotionsBe faithful over little

Text: Matthew 25: 21. His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.


From our Bible text, we are told of the story of a man who called his servants and gave them talents according to their abilities before traveling.
The first servant was given 5 talents according to his ability.
The second was given 2 talents according to his ability.
The third servant was given 1 talent according to his ability.


We can clearly see from this parable that God has blessed every man on the earth with a talent according to his ability.
The Bible tells us that the callings of God and His gifts are without repentance (Romans11:29), but one thing the Lord does is that He keeps a record of how we’re using the gifts we have received from Him.
We must understand that every great story has a beginning.
Many people want to walk without crawling, run without walking and fly without running.
Every man has his eyes set on the big jackpot.
I wonder how an airplane takes off without first running through the runway, yet we have people who want to fly without the due process.

The parable of the talents gives us a clear instruction on how to live a successful life.
Are you faithful to the little in your hand?
We must understand that every man is committed according to his ability.
When you see a man with 5 talents, it clearly shows that there are possibilities or past records of him not being able to manage 3-4 talents.
The fact that you have a talent, doesn’t make you less of a value to others with more.
God knows that 1 talent would be okay for you and that was why He gave you 1.
Many believers have left their place of assignment and call in pursuit of another man’s talent.
We must understand that when the master comes back, every man will surely account for his/her talent.



When you are faithful to the little in your hand, God will multiply it.
I have seen many gospel music artists while growing up, all they knew and had the passion for was just the ability to sing to God and also write songs.
But in their faithfulness to this 1 talent, many of them have risen to be world best, with businesses all over the world and many more.
Now we see that if these artists had hidden their talent, or grumbled and refuse to develop it, they would spend their life fulfilling other men’s talent.


Child of God, what is it that you’re good at?
What are those talents that you’re passionate about?
If they are positive and pleasing to the Lord, then hold on to it, develop skills, and be faithful to it.
For at God’s time, He will reward your faithfulness.
Are you passionate about winning souls for Jesus Christ and preaching the good news like myself?
Be faithful to the call and know that your services are unto the Lord.


I pray Grace to remain faithful be released unto you in Jesus name.




Bible study:
Matthew 25:14-30.

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