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Access men through God

DevotionsAccess men through God

Text: Proverbs 21: 1. The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.


Kings are known for their great influence and affluence, well known for their great possessions and power.
In our study today, we can say that a king can be whosoever that has access to whatsoever we desire.
Another interpretation of king in our study can be whoever that has the power, the ability, to help us, favor us and even assist us in every way possible.
Now the big question is, if a man who I need a favor from is interpreted as a king, how can I access him?


Beloved understand that as a child of God, you have access accessing every blessing God has to offer even to the holy of holies.
Understand that the earth is of the Lord, the fullness and everything in it. Psalms 24:1.
Understand also that God who has made His abode in you by His Spirit is also known as the King of all kings.
If you digest these words and get this understanding, you’ll clearly see that accessing a king (man) is so easy.
From our anchor text, we can see that God holds the heart of kings in His hand and turns it where He wills.
If God controls the most sensitive and sensible part of a man, then in order to access any man that owes you a favor or any man you desire a favor from, you have to access him through God in prayers.

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Most times we suffer disappointments and rejection from men because we have applied the wrong principle.
Understand that no man is too tough and no heart is too difficult for God to turn around.
Therefore what God requires is for us to go in agreement to His own terms.
What is God saying to me?
How does God expect me to live?
If I have to access great men through God, then all I need is to understand how to please God.
For when God is pleased with me, He’ll turn the heart of kings to my aid and lifting.
Beloved, you don’t continue in sin and expect miracles from God.
You don’t stay far from God and expect His blessing.
God expects we build a bridge of intimacy with Him.
Build a strong relationship with Him.
For it is only when we are living God’s expected life that men of value are drawn to us.


Beloved, examine yourself, and get rid of anything or possibly everything that has stood or standing as a barrier from receiving help from God.
You must confess every unconfessed sin and be blameless before God.
You must forgive even those that have hurt you, for your own good, in order to access God.
Allow the Holy Spirit to point out your mistakes, make them right and you’ll be amazed at what God will do in your life.
I pray its a beginning of great exploit and abundance for you in Jesus name.



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