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Moren Khay (Gospel Artist)

gospel musicMoren Khay (Gospel Artist)

Many of us have become what we are not proud of as we journey in this Christian Faith. We’re hurt,
scarred. We judge others while we’re rotten inside. No one’s to blame, not us who are hurt, not them
who hurt us, truth is we all are victims of the flesh. Sadly we fail for we have been looking to man, who’s also a victim, tempted, weak, fallen just like we are more like you is a song that helps us realign our focus on Jesus; who wants you the way you are, so he will make it so evident to the world the “before and after” of what only his love and grace could accomplish in a man’s life, something religiosity, spiritual obligations, etc couldn’t accomplish.

For only out of such man would flow love and grace into other people. That’s conforming to the image of his son. How much Love and Grace flow out of us is a function of how much of his love and Grace we embrace. Many of the things that flow of us are things such as hurt, bitterness, hatred, prejudice,
judging others, ego, pride, self-love, of course with justified reasons that make us do them, maybe it
makes us feel better, but does it make God feel pleased with us?
More like you Given by the Holy Spirit centers on a verse in the Bible Rom 8:29 which is a prayer in
tandem to God’s will I.e” Conforming to the image of his dear Son”. Rather than conforming to the hurt done to us which has made us more bitter, let’s conform only to the image of Jesus if you bring yourself in view of what they did to you, you’ll end up being viler, more bitter, more judgemental,
unforgiving and lacking in love and Grace,..but if you bring Jesus in view to you or what they are doing to you, what they’ve done, or whatever your circumstances is, you’ll definitely see that you won’t see those things again, for all you’ll be seeing is Jesus, you’ll want to be like him…who despite all done to him, said Lord forgive them for they know not what they do, who despite his hurt never wavered in Faith.

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Many of us we’re not even victims of what people or circumstances may have done to us but
we’re victims of what the flesh has done to us or is doing to us ..the flesh always wants to have its way …ego, the pride of life, the lust of the eyes, etc. So we find ourselves doing things our Spirit doesn’t align with (that’s if your spirit has been renewed regenerated), and we try to find a lot of concepts and theories to make us feel comfortable, Happy, and okay with it. And so, we faulter and make a huge mistake anytime we try to place a huge responsibility on someone or expectations to want to judge them as good or as perfect…no, by the arm of flesh shall no man prevail. It’s possible and can only be attainable by his love and Grace.

Esther Olanrewaju known professionally as Moren Khay, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, author, and
motivational speaker. She started singing at a very tender age and as a vocalist with the church choir.
Born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria by her caring parents. She went ahead to study Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Ilorin. After completing her studies, she changed track and trained as a Radio Presenter for a short while. However, she took up different jobs that took her further away from her God-given purpose until she had an encounter with God and decided to dedicate and commit her time first to the Kingdom work, Taking up her then halted Music Passion which has been developed over the years while in the University, she began exploring her world of honoring God and impacting humanity through her Music, Writing, and Speaking.

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Contact Moren: Phone: 08100024571 Email: morenkhay@gmail.com Social handles: Facebook @ Moren Khay Instagram @ Moren Khay YouTube @ Moren Khay

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Many of us have become what we are not proud of as we journey in this Christian Faith. We're hurt,scarred. We judge others while we're rotten inside. No one's to blame, not us who are hurt, not themwho hurt us, truth is we all...Moren Khay (Gospel Artist)