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A vessel unto honor

DevotionsA vessel unto honor

Text: 2 Timothy 2:21. If a man, therefore, purges himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use and prepared unto every good work.


From our text, we are told of 4 kinds of vessels in a great man’s house, that are used according to their worth.
We have;
1. The golden vessel.
2. The silver vessel.
3. The wooden vessel and
4. The earthen or clay vessel.


A golden vessel will serve a golden and important guest or assignment.
A silver vessel will not be used to serve a golden guest.
A wooden vessel can only be in burning fire. It can never be measured to a golden vessel.
An earthen vessel will always be dirty and will never gain the value of a golden vessel.
No man will put his tea in a toilet bowl or put a vessel of dishonor like toilet pot in the same place with a vessel of honor like a teapot and drinking glasses.
What vessel are You?


Growing up as a child, my mom had some expensive utensils that are used occasionally and for special guests and also some other utensils for daily usage.
God wants us to be important vessels in our society.
You cannot be a vessel unto honor when you have failed to obey the commandments of God.
You cannot be a vessel unto honor when you have refused to present your body as a holy acceptable sacrifice to the Lord.
Coming to church doesn’t make you a vessel unto honor.
Occupying a position in the church workforce with no sincere attitude of Spirit and truth worship doesn’t qualify you a vessel unto honor.
The way you present yourself, Is the way you’ll be regarded.
You can only attract what suits your quality.

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Who is a vessel unto honor?

* A believer that is purged of iniquity.
* A believer that eschews evil and youthful lusts.
* A believer that follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.
* A gentle and humble believer that fears the Lord. 2 Timothy 2:21-25.


Many believers have reduced their spiritual self-worth as a result of ignorance.
A pastor friend of mine during a  ministration shared an illustration of how believers have reduced their self-worth like a tamed lion in a cage.
From her sermon, When you encounter a lion in the forest, you’ll of no doubt see reasons why they are the king of the forest.
A lion would protect his pride, hunt for his pride, and every other animal fears the lion.
But when this same lion is tamed in a zoo cage, he seems helpless, weak, people take pictures around him, he only feeds when the keepers provide food for him.


The same way many believers are losing their self-worth as a result of ignorance.
A failure to live by the standard of God’s word will reduce a believer to a tool, a weakling in the hand of the devil.
A believer loses his authority and remains under satanic bondage when he falls and remains in sin. God sees us more than this.

The Lord wants us to present ourselves as vessels unto honor.
The Spiritual price on your head is worth more than the careless life you’re living.


Do you desire to sit among kings and enjoy the blessings of God?
Then you must get rid of every sinful act and works away from your life.
Just like a landlord would raise his house rents, to get rid of some bad and troublesome tenants, in the same way raise your spiritual rent to get rid of bad habits.
Go on fire for the Lord and the devil will flee.

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Now take a self-examination on your life, identify those areas you have cheaply presented yourself as a vessel unto dishonor and make amends.
Now you understand a bit of God’s plan for your life and how He intends to use you.
Pray for the Lord’s strength to live above sin and He’ll raise you as a vessel unto honor.


I pray the power of sin is broken over you.
Grace to live in your victory.
Grace to study and live by the standard of God’s word be released unto you in Jesus name.




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