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A true lover of God part 1

Text: Matthew 22: 37. Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Our God is love, as a prove of His love, He came in the form of man, went through the circumstances and life of man, suffered and died the death of man, and rose again on the third day, destroying death, and stood as a propitiation for our sins. 1 John 2:2.
Now we can obtain a pardon for all our sins, and evil way from God through the finished work of Christ and through His blood that redeemed us from death.

God’s love is seen in the work of his hands.
The sea roars His greatness.
The mountains display the beauty of His majesty.
The heavens show forth His Glory.
Even your life is a sign of His plans and future for you.
Beloved, it’s undeniable that having our supplications and request attended to, is a great sign of God’s love and mercy towards us.
But love is complete only when it is reciprocated.
God expects us to return His love, not by doing exactly what he does for us, but by living for Him.

A true lover of God can have and display many spiritual qualities, the aroma of God’s presence is easily perceived around them.
But in a summary of all the qualities, a true lover of God must love God with ALL his heart, ALL his soul, and ALL his mind.
For when a man completes the obligation of loving God wholeheartedly, soul and mind, sin will surely have no dwelling place in such man.
God longs for men who will wholeheartedly desire His will, pursue His will, crave for His burden and enjoy His yoke. But so sad in our society, we have men who have given their hearts to pleasure, and all the things of this world.
The heart of a man is very sensitive and that is why God desires the totality of a man’s heart, not some part.
When nothing else matters except the ways of God and path of His word.

The heart of a man is the treasure store room of his activities.
When God takes the totality of a man’s heart, God becomes His pursuit, His word becomes a standard for life.
For a man’s heart is drawn to where his treasure is stored. Matthew 6:21.
Don’t open a portion of your heart to God, open ALL of your heart.
When a man’s heart is consumed with nothing else but God’s love, only nothing else but Godliness will flow from his mouth.
For the scripture decalres that the mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart. Luke 6:45.

Beloved begin a self examination on your life.
What are the things you have refused to surrender to God in your heart?
Allow Jesus Christ access over your heart in its fullness, and you’ll be fulfilling a spiritual requirement of loving and obeying God.


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