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Benefits of walking with God (5 amazing benefits)

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God of ALL possibility

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A thirst for the supernatural

DevotionsA thirst for the supernatural

Text: Proverbs 23: 18. For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.


From the dictionary, the word thirst means, a sensation of dryness in the mouth and throat.
When someone thirsts for something, it means there is a dryness in that person that needs to be filled.
The word thirst is translated in Greek as “Dipsao”, which means suffer from thirst figuratively, those who are said to thirst who painfully feel their want of, and eagerly long for, those things by which the soul is refreshed, supported, strengthened. In order words, a thirst for the spiritual satisfaction, not the body.


The Bible tells us that only those who thirst are filled. Matthew 5:6.
You must come to the point where it’s almost impossible to move on, where it seems hopeless without that inner infilling before you can meet that expectation.
Praying without a Thirst, an expectation, a hunger profits nothing.
If you don’t Thirst, feel the need, the hunger, the dryness and need for a spiritual blessing, you can never receive it.


Our ability to communicate what we thirst for to God shows the level of our maturity as believers.
When I was a baby, I cried when I was hungry or thirsty as a sign of communication, in the same way, you must prayerfully tell the Holy Spirit how you’re desperately in need of His touch.
A dryness of revelation can only be quenched with revelations.
A dryness of Spiritual Power can only be quenched with Power.
You don’t thirst for water and gets satisfied when offered a glass of juice.
The juice might keep the thirst away, but just for a moment because only the water could have satisfied that thirst.
You must thirst for the invisible power and hand of God.
The more you thirst for water or food, is the more you’ll take in order to quench your thirst.
How thirsty are you for these spiritual blessings?
Your manifestation will only match the level of your expectation and thirst.

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Your expectation is the mother of your manifestations.
You don’t come to God with zero expectancies.
Don’t come to God’s presence like you were coming to supervise a project. Rather, come with an undying thirst, an expectation.
Are you expectant of a spiritual blessing, a spiritual gift, a miracle, I want to assure you that God will surely satisfy your thirst as you keep it aflame in Jesus Christ name.



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