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3 lessons you can learn from your church

Articles3 lessons you can learn from your church

Recently I have been thinking of the lessons I have learned from my journey to finding a church. In 2013, I left my native country and came to a country I had never been to before. One of the things I thought about was how to find a church like my home church. Choosing a church was a burden because I was very careful about compromising my beliefs, coming from an Evangelical background. The first church I found was a pentecostal church with so much charisma and lots of motivation. The first Sunday was great as I believed the message was timely and spoke directly to my spirit. I settled to become a church member and eventually joined the church’s leadership as a pastor. Things, however, began to change as I started observing falsehood and deception amidst the church’s leaders. For example, the head pastor would push for an appointment of a member and receive confirmation of that appointment and tell the members on a Sunday that God told him so that members would get a job the next week in a particular firm. There are several examples to mention, but I wish to keep it simple to drive my point about the great lessons we can learn from the church.

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Irrespective of many wrong things practiced by men, there are still great lessons God wants each of us to learn in the church we currently are in.

Reading the article of Joe McKeever on Crosswork.com, one would notice that the ten signs he mentioned can be extended to even 20 signs. These signs are true, and we must watch out for these signs in other to know how to pray for our local church. Me, I observed many of these signs in my local church. Unfortunately, I eventually left the church and moved on to another church.

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Since I was still searching for an “Evangelical church,” I decided to visit a church closely related to an evangelical church (name withheld). In this church, I felt comfortable with the sermon, the members, and the service mode as I could see there was no manipulation with fake prophecies, nor was attention drawn to the pastor/prophet/apostle. After some weeks of attending the church, I noticed issues relating to church administration were constantly addressed during sermons in the church. Little did I know there was infighting happening among some elders in the church. The pastor is so nice, God-fearing, and always seeking to please God, but some members just loved to make his work difficult.

Thinking about my experiences and others not mentioned here, I observed that the church of God needs believers as much as believers need the church. Paul speaking about the church in 1 Corinthians 12:27, referred to it as the body has different parts. If there is a problem with one part, there is a problem with the whole body. You cannot say you do not need it to your eyes because it hurts you. The church belongs to no one but everyone; for this reason, it is your responsibility to ensure in prayers and in all other areas you can that your church is doing well.

Just as if there is a deformity with the leg, you cannot function well. Believers cannot do without the church as we need one another to function well. Some of the lessons you can learn from your church are.

  1. Your church is a place of refuge: The world is full of harmful things. Things designed by the enemy to harm our spirit, man. The church provides a place of refuge for use. Know that your church is a place of refuge. Irrespective of the fact that there are evil people (Jesus calls them wolves in sheep’s clothing) in the church, the church does not belong to them. It is the house of God, equipped to provide refuge. When you feel so overwhelmed by the world’s struggles, try visiting your church earlier than others, and Take time to pray for God to shield you from the enemies’ darts.
  2. Your church belongs to Christ: There is no doubt that there exist structures bearing the name of a church but have been dedicated to the devil in today’s world. These structures are led by men or women working as enemies of the cross. If you are not sure whether your church is serving God or the devil, my advice is to prayerfully ask God to lead you to a bible believing church. One question I believe we should ask ourselves is, “Why am I in church.” This is an important question all believers should ask. You are under that man’s bondage if you are drawn to a church because of a man(Maybe the wonderful flier you saw with the pastors projected on it). Anyone in the bondage of a man is in real big trouble because a man without God is evil. On the other hand, if you are there because you are genuinely seeking Christ, I assure you that Jesus will guide you. If he wishes for you to leave, you will be guided accordingly. Why are you a member of your church? a question you should answer.
  3. Your church is blessed by God: Is your church founded on Christ? Then it is blessed by God. This means there is a blessing for you in that church. Prayerfully seek God’s blessing as you fellowship with brothers and sisters.
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