Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

When mercy speaks

Text: Lamentations 3: 22. It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not.


Mercy is an act of love, an act of pity most times that pardons and covers a man’s ignorance.
The mercy of God speaks where judgment was needed.
The mercy of God is beyond human knowledge.
When mercy speaks, His anger turns away. Micah 7:18.
Mercy reveals the compassionate side of God.


Our anchor text reveals that by the mercies of God, we’re not consumed.
Don’t see yourself more faithful, righteous than your brother, for by His mercy you’re not consumed.
Being able to sleep at night and wake up alive in one piece is by the mercies of God.
To constantly enjoy the revelation of God’s mercy, you must be thankful to God at all times, you must be humble, for God shows mercy to the humble but hates the proud.
When the mercy of God spoke for Abraham and Sarah, science and all laws of nature were suspended even at a very old age to the prevailing force and power of Mercy.


The mercy of God is beyond obtaining forgiveness alone.
Beloved, seek for His mercy.
This same mercy pushed Christ to the cross even while we were yet sinners.
I pray the mercy of God to be real to you in your business, your career, and all that concerns you more than ever before in Jesus’ name.