Text: Romans 8: 10. And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. 


To surrender means to give up, hand over or submit to a higher authority.
The ways of God are never the ways of man.
In as much as God desires to make His abode in our life, He will never force His way to gain access in our lives.
We must give God the access to abode in our lives.
Until we draw near, God will remain distant from our reach. James 4:8
A total surrender tells us of a life that has completely yielded to the Authority, Lordship, and call of God.

It is the point where we say, Lord I am tired of doing things my own way, please help me.
A total surrender to God is a launch into the fullness of purpose.
When we surrender in part, God would access us in part. But when we surrender totally to God, we give Him access to everything that concerns us.


A man that has totally surrendered to the Lord, has no Will of his own, choice of his own, decisions of his own.
His life is controlled by the Spirit of the Lord.
His steps are guarded unto righteousness.
His words heal lives and his heart beats for God alone.
A total surrender is the beginning of a full life in the Spirit. And if we through the Spirit mortify the deeds of the body, we shall live. Romans 8:13.
An evangelical story is told of a wealthy man who had a big house but suffered affliction at night from the enemy. In the search for a better life and permanent solution, he allowed Jesus into his house and gave the Lord access to one room.
The same Night, the enemy came again and dealt with him.
He was angry in the morning and wondered why he suffered such attack when he had Christ in his home. (same way most believers wonder why they suffer even after starting a new life with Christ)

Again he gave Christ access to 2 rooms and the evil attack wouldn’t stop.
Every room in the house suffered from the horror except the rooms where Jesus had access.
The wealthy man later realized that Jesus’ rooms were always intact and then he decided to give Jesus access to everything he owned (now that is total surrender) and when the enemy would come that Night, he was unable to gain access inside the house because the Glory of the Lord was seen right from the gate to the entire building.


A total surrender to God will give your life a turnaround.
It’s a deliberate act with a continuous and unending push into God’s presence.
Today, God wants to take over your life, your business, your family and everything that concerns you as you surrender totally to Him.

Will you surrender?


Lord, I have heard your word and it has drawn my heart to you.
Today I surrender totally to you Lord.
Make me a vessel unto honor.
Do with me as it pleases you.
Just as a clay has no right to question the potter, make me what you want me to be Lord.
In Jesus’ name.