Text: Philippians 4: 13. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


When we genuinely surrender to Jesus Christ, our weakness is exchanged for His strength, our heavy burdens and yokes are exchanged for His own light burden. Matthew 11:28-30.
What you had suffered defeat in previously will automatically bow to the strength of  Christ at work in you.
It’ll surprise you that when Jesus Christ takes over your life, He gives you the power to do ALL things.


The high rate of suicides in our society is as a result of a depressed mind and at the absence of Jesus Christ.
Jesus fills every gap in your life at His arrival, He strengthens you, and walk you through difficult paths, He constantly sends His children your way, to keep help you maintain a strong Faith.
He remains in that difficulty with you until you gain victory.
Apostle Paul testified on how the strength Christ gives helps him live through the good and bad times of life in contentment. Philippians 4:11-13.


Beloved, without Jesus’ hand on our lives, we would be consumed and our enemies will blow us away like chaff.
I encourage you to keep holding on to Jesus the pillar of your life.
With Christ, you’re more than a conqueror.
With Christ you’re undefeatable.
With Jesus Christ, you’re a winner.